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August soudelor
typhoon Soudelour 蘇迪羅 (video)
August DSC_5908
A guardrail where James' truck went over the edge
August DSC_5913
Carambola flowers
August DSC_5914
Community garden after the big typhoon
August DSC_5917
Productive bajiao at the community garden
August DSC_5919
Standing tall in the middle part of the garden.
August DSC_5921
Compost system at the community garden
August DSC_5923
Two-month old gate loses a bolt
August Tane_visit
Tane visiting Garden City (video)
August G0011620
拉氏明溪蟹 Candidiopotamon rathbunae
August lanxi_pups
dogs playing in Lanxi stream 蘭溪

the road to Wulai 烏來 two weeks after typhoon Soudelor passes

August DSC_6182
the road is closed at night
August DSC_6185
Guishan bridge 桂山一號橋
August DSC_6187
trees caught in the old guishan bridge
August DSC_6188
Jiajiuliao bridge 加九寮景觀橋
August Soudelor_recovery
damaged road to Wulai 烏來 (video)
August DSC_6191
snapped poles
August DSC_6192
Jiajiuliao stream 加九寮溪
August DSC_6194
Jiajiuliao stream 加九寮溪
August DSC_6196
Jiajiuliao bridge 加九寮景觀橋
August DSC_6198
Julong resort 巨龍山莊
August DSC_6199
road work
August DSC_6203
washed down trees in the Wulai parking lot
August DSC_6208
Wulai 烏來
August DSC_6209
Wulai 烏來
August DSC_6214
slide on XinFu Rd 新福路
Keywords: bridge, dog, fruit, garden, home, river, road, sign, typhoon, video, water
People: James
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Guishan, 龜山, Jiajiuliao, 加九寮, Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2015:08:08 - 2015:08:31