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January DSC_4329
Kanie on the home terrace
January DSC_4417
January DSC_4419
harvested turmeric root 薑黃 (iānghuáng) Curcuma longa
January DSC_4421
harvested turmeric root 薑黃 (iānghuáng) Curcuma longa


January DSC_4464
Lucy passes away in the morning
January DSC_4466
Kanie in the cherry blossoms
January DSC_4468
bee in the cherry blossoms
January DSC_4470
the blossoms are buzzing with bees
January DSC_4473
Weiwei in the cherry blossoms
January DSC_4478
January DSC_4479

Dogs playing in the cherry blossom littered steps

January DSC_4481
a serious dog
January DSC_4485
January DSC_4487
January DSC_4491
January DSC_4494
cherry blossoms
January DSC_4506
January DSC_4516
January DSC_4525
January DSC_4533
Hua-zi and Weiwei
January DSC_4540
back doghouse
January DSC_4543
front door pallets
January DSC_4545
Kanee and Hua-zi
January DSC_4553
January DSC_4557
January DSC_4568
January DSC_4575
Hua-zi and Kanee
January DSC_4584
January DSC_4591

Road work to bring municipal water up to the community

January DSC_4626
road cut to bring water pipes up to girl scouts' field
January DSC_4628
putting water pipes under the road
January DSC_4631
new water pipes
January DSC_4634
January DSC_4639
developing farm off the forest path
January DSC_4652
Keywords: dog, plant, root
Dates: 2014:12:06 - 2015:02:13