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September DSC_6418
A kg+ sweet potato grown on roof of the Taipei Indigenous Community College
September DSC_6423
harvested oregano
September DSC_6428
XiLouAn refugees - nearly forgotten carrots

Salvage survey of James and Erika's farm on Xiluoan Rd 西羅岸路.

September DSC_6431
Philip checking things out
September DSC_6432
Helping to load up the truck
September DSC_6433
View of the front of the house looking from the other direction
September DSC_6434
Clearing the house
September DSC_6435
Lots of love in the details
September DSC_6437
garden gone wild
September DSC_6438
Collapsed roof on pantry
September DSC_6439
Reclaimed boardwalk
September DSC_6440
Material scouting at James and Erika's place
September DSC_6442
September DSC_6443
front of the "barn" and house
September DSC_6444
House front and hanging out area
September DSC_6449
checking on the water system
September DSC_6450
Collecting herbs among the weeds
September DSC_6454
Harvesting from the overgrown garden
September DSC_6456
chomp, chomp, nummm, numm

Typhoon Dujuan 杜鵑 strikes Taiwan 9/28

September gopr1682
storm inspection
September gopr1685
tree down
September gopr1687
tree down
September DSC_6459
Dujuan wall seepage
Keywords: dog, food, home, insect, typhoon
People: Erika, James, Philip, Tammy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2015:09:12 - 2015:09:29