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January DSC_7319
banana flower stem
January DSC_7320
January DSC_7322
Salad of romaine and rosa lettuce, arugula, nasturtium flowers, radishes, tomatoes, and a dressing of red quinoa, tossed with lemon juice, olive oil and flat leaf parsley.


January DSC_7329
Snow on the hills above our previous house
January DSC_7333
snow looking south over Guangxing 廣興
January DSC_7340
looking south to Lion's Head 獅頭山
January DSC_7342
snow looking south

We have cancelled our ascent of Snow Mountain this weekend as the weather looked severe. We see snow falling at our house and the surrounding hills are white. We have never seen this much snow in Taipei.

cage light repair

January DSC_7368
broken contact
January DSC_7372
January DSC_7635
January DSC_7638
Keywords: food, mountain, plant, project
Dates: 2016:01:08 - 2016:02:11