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Home garden

July DSC_7329
Ground orchid (native?)
July DSC_7330
Ground orchid (native?)
July DSC_7333
A chili plant from Burma
July DSC_7334
Green beans, haricot vert
July DSC_7336
Butterfly on chive flower
July DSC_7337
Butterfly on chive flower
July DSC_7338
Community garden after heavy rain
July DSC_7339
Another view of the community garden
July DSC_7341
Looking quite alive and moist
July DSC_7343
Pineapply plant and its long sawlike leaves.
July DSC_7345
July DSC_7346
James and Erika's garden
July DSC_7347
Nice little permaculture garden
July DSC_7348
Looking for a spot to fly
July DSC_7349
After the typhoon, but everything lives.
July DSC_7350
Home garden, hot sun
July DSC_7351
Home garden before the typhoon, note the bajiaos hanging
July DSC_7353
Thorny eggplant flowers
July DSC_7354
More eggplant flowers
July DSC_7355
Eggplant flowers

Guangxing flats 廣興堰

July LeafHopper_OverPlot_2016-07-15
LeafHopper over James and Erika's plot
July DSC_7356
James' and Erika's plot recovering from the typhoon
July DSC_7357
View from the covered area where they have a kitchen/dining set up
July DSC_7358
Pumpkin did well on the trellis
July DSC_7359
July DSC_7360
Garden beds for their market garden produce
July DSC_7361
Surviving okra
July DSC_7362
Plot opening up across from their place
July DSC_7363
Another straight on view
July DSC_7364
Plot being worked to the left
July DSC_7365
Same plot to the left.
July DSC_7366
To the right of the plot opening us is left mostly wild with some betel nut trees
July DSC_7368
A frangipani flower just past its peak
July DSC_7369
Panorama of a perspective of the river near Guangxing
July DSC_7370
Panorama of a perspective of the river near Guangxing
July DSC_7371
Panorama of a perspective of the river near Guangxing
July DSC_7372
Panorama of a perspective of the river near Guangxing
July DSC_7373
A rare capture of Philip
July DSC_7374
I wonder the water is managed here.
July DSC_7375
Still an amazing amount of construction in the flood plain
July DSC_7376
Good place to see wetland species of plants
July DSC_7378
And water birds
July DSC_7381
More higher area wetland species
July DSC_7382
Probably not a good place to be when water is released.
July DSC_7383
Where the released water feeds into
July DSC_7384
Philip on the river bank
July DSC_7385
July DSC_7386
Water-loving legume tree 水黃皮
July DSC_7387
Water-loving legume tree 水黃皮
July DSC_7388
Unhappy ficus

community garden and home

July DSC_7392
Young hens in the community garden
July DSC_7394
Bajiaos need to be eaten
July DSC_8117
July DSC_8119
July DSC_8122
July DSC_8127
Haul from the famer's market
July DSC_8120-21
playing in the Lanxi stream
July DSC_7403
Fat and unafraid lizard
July DSC_7404
Three kinds of basil and leafy greens of amaranth and basella
July DSC_7406
Red okra starts flowering
July DSC_7409
The drainage, thank goodness, works well
July DSC_7411
Where the water comes from during heavy rains
July DSC_7413
The front of our house becomes a stream in heavy rains
July DSC_7415
Same view, but further away
July DSC_7416
July DSC_7418
Maximum water height before it finds its way down the stairs
July DSC_7420
Red okra
July DSC_7421
Red okra
Keywords: animal, dog, flight, flower, garden, plant, video
People: Philip
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園
Dates: 2016:07:03 - 2016:07:25