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August Fushan_2016-08-13_640x360
float down the Nanshixi 南勢溪
August video
jump into the Nanshixi 南勢溪

Float down the Nanshixi 南勢溪 east of Fushan with Bruce, James, Liran and Peter in very low water levels. The river has changed a lot since the typhoons of a year ago.

at home

August community_garden_spider_hand
Giant Golden Orb Spider (female)
August DSC_7424
Chilies on palm flower sheath
August DSC_7426
Chilies on palm flower sheath
August DSC_7427
Chilies on palm flower sheath
August DSC_7428
Sweet basil and lemon basil harvest. Made a big jar of pesto with cashew, garlic and olive oil mostly to preserve the basil.
August GOPR1830
August DSC_8128
green okra
August DSC_8131
eggplants fruiting
August DSC_8133
bugleweed 散血草 (sàn xuè cǎo), 白尾蜈蚣 (báiwěi wúgōng) Ajuga bracteosa in the mint family Lamiaceae
August DSC_8138
little red eggplants
August DSC_8142
catus flowering
Keywords: flower, mammal, plant, river, video
People: Bruce, James, Liran, Peter, Philip
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2016:08:13 - 2016:08:23