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Home Garden

August IMAG0221
Jalapenos coming in fast
August IMAG0224
Same jalapeno plant later in the day
August IMAG0226
Genoese sweet basil
August IMAG0228
Basil, also sweet, but different variety
August IMAG0230
Reorganizng and getting ready for moving out to garden projects
August IMAG0231
End of the day light on the north/east section of the yard.
August IMAG0232
Naranjilla plant bides its time until planting out in the food forest
August IMAG0234
Check out them thorns!
August IMAG0237
Sweet bell pepper plant that was planted last year and still producing
August IMAG0242
A perfect, but very small butternut squash grown in a pot.
August IMAG0245
I appreciate the culturally colorful warning signs about littering and dumping.
August IMAG0246
假人參Talinum paniculatum開花
August IMAG0254
假人參Talinum paniculatum開花
August IMAG0259
假人參Talinum paniculatum開花
August IMAG0260
Sweet basils
August IMAG0261
August IMAG0263
Also a sweet basil, but different variety
August IMAG0265
Sweet bell pepper, second year growth
August IMAG0266
Italian flat leaf parsley flowering/seeding
August IMAG0267
August IMAG0341
August IMAG0342
August IMAG0343
August IMAG0344
August IMAG0345
amaranth leaf seeds
August IMAG0347
August IMAG0351
August IMAG0352
August IMAG0354
basil, amaranth leaf polyculture
August IMAG0356
August IMAG0357
August IMAG0359
August IMAG0360
inside edge garden during typhoon season
August IMAG0361
August IMAG0362
August IMAG0364
August IMAG0365
sweet bell pepper
August IMAG0368

Dog walk in the Nanshi stream 南勢溪 river in Guishan 桂山

August gweishan_pups_swim_2017-08_848x480
Dog walk in the Nanshi stream 南勢溪
Keywords: dog, garden, plant, river, video
Locations: Guishan, 龜山
Dates: 2017:08:05 - 2017:08:25