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Home Garden

September IMAG0818
sweet bell pepper
September IMAG0822
front door garden area
September IMAG0823
bright day from the north side

Xindian River 新店溪 Survey

September 20170907_055913
Wantan terminus of Xiaocukeng ferry wharf 小粗坑渡口遺址 灣潭端
September 20170907_060120
Wantan 灣潭
September 20170907_061108
Xindian river 新店溪 from 思源橋 Siyuan bridge on Zhitan Road 直潭路
September 20170907_062117
Zhitan dam 直潭壩
September 20170907_062524
Mengmenggu 濛濛谷 Quchi 屈尺 Guangxing 廣興
September 20170907_062952
Guangxing Riverside Park 廣興河濱公園
September 20170907_063625
Quchi 屈尺
September 20170907_063650
Quchi dam 屈尺壩
September 20170907_064501
Nanshi river 南勢溪 coming into Guishan 龜山
September 20170907_065241
Cukeng dam 粗坑壩
September 20170907_065300
Taipower Guishan Hydroelectric Plant 台灣電力公司桂山發電廠
September 20170907_065315
Quchi flats 屈尺堰 below the Cukeng dam 粗坑壩
September river_survey
23k bike survey of Xindian river
September 8122481711_strava_1504741530430_960x540
23k bike survey of Xindian river

Home Garden

September DSC_0597
praying mantis
September DSC_0600
home garden lizard
September IMAG0857
solanum family (garden harvest) and garlic

Yonghe Farm Design Workshop

September IMAG0860
design workshop
September IMAG0861
September IMAG0863
September IMAG0864
Design workshop
September IMAG0866
Design workshop
September IMAG0867
September IMAG0869
September IMAG0870
September IMAG0871
September IMAG0872
September IMAG0874
Design workshop
September IMAG0875
September IMAG0876
September IMAG0877
September IMAG0883

Home Garden

September IMAG0889
roses from Marian
September IMAG0892
yellow/orange rose
September IMAG0893
pink hibiscus
September IMAG0894
fuscia bougainvillea
September IMAG0895
turmeric flower
September IMAG0896
butterfly-loving plant
September IMAG0898
plant from Marian
September IMAG0899
ficus family?
September IMAG0901
succulent like aloe from Liz
September IMAG0902
Toona sinensis, coffee trees
September IMAG0905
Late summer home garden on north side
Keywords: Yonghe Farm, bike, bridge, dam, daxinli, flower, garden, insect, map, plant, reptile, river, sign, video
People: Philip
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Guangxing, 廣興, Guishan, 龜山
Dates: 2017:09:05 - 2017:09:20