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Xindian 新店

June IMAG0194
fire-fighting motorcycle
June IMAG0219
Kanee at home

Yonghe Farm 永和社大教學實驗農場

June DSC_8982
5 sisters at the Yonghe farm
June DSC_8983
Another view of the 5 sisters
June DSC_8984
June DSC_8985
More aesthetic rain gutter and downspout
June DSC_8986
June DSC_8987
June DSC_8989
June DSC_8993
Five sisters still going

Pristine office in Jingmei 景美

June IMAG0237

at home

June DSC_8994
Trellis for winged beans to provide morning shade
June DSC_8995
Trellis for winged beans and morning shade - stacking functions

Maokong 貓空 loop with Dan on the way to Pristine

June IMAG0330
flat tire and broken tool
June IMAG0331
turn up Laoquan street lane 45 老泉街45巷
June IMAG0333
Dan at the juice shop in the Mucha 木柵 market
June IMAG0336
Dan makes his way through the Mucha 木柵 market
June IMAG0337
Jingmei river 景美溪
June IMAG0338
Jingmei river 景美溪
June IMAG0339
work in the Jingmei river 景美溪
June strava_2017-06-29_Maokong_w_Dan
relive video of 29 km Maokong loop bike ride

Cukes at home

June DSC_8996
cucumber with flowers
June DSC_8997
Keywords: bike, crop, dog, market, permaculture, river, road, sign, video
People: Dan
Locations: Caonan, 草湳, Garden City, 花園新城, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2017:06:01 - 2017:06:29