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Home Garden

April IMAG2276
trellis for winged beans and small pumpkin
April IMAG2277
winged bean year two new growth
April IMAG2280
April IMAG2284
Beets, lettuce and garlic for greens
April IMAG2286
hydrating and keeping warm
April IMAG2287
Tane visits often
April IMAG2289
Weiwei, boss of everything
April IMAG2290
mulberry stripped of bark for craft and rope; guava branch
April IMAG2294
trellis will help keep the east wall cooler in the coming months
April IMAG2295
always picking up natural material to work with

Foraging adventure on Huxing Rd. 湖興路 or Cuifeng Rd. 翠峰路 Lane 70

April IMAG2296
Thriving patches of 青苧麻, 魚腥草, 糯米糰
April IMAG2299
魚腥草, 糯米糰
April IMAG2300
April IMAG2301
April IMAG2302
April IMAG2305
A new road to explore
April IMAG2311
Looks a bit like blue skullcap, but the leaves look different
April IMAG2312
Looks a bit like blue skullcap, but the leaves look different
April IMAG2313
Mountain banana (wild)
April IMAG2315
End of the day on the forest road
April IMAG2316
Wild yam 日本薯蕷 Dioscorea japonica
April IMAG2317
April IMAG2318
unidentified crysanthemum family
April IMAG2319
natural landscaping
April IMAG2320
Formosan elder
April IMAG2322
April IMAG2323
bamboo harvest and checking out trail upstream

Home Garden

April DSC_0990
April DSC_0998
James in headstand with Tane on the bridge
April IMAG2326
rose from Marian first spring bloom
April IMAG2327
lettuce that grew back
April IMAG2328
紅鶴頂蘭Phaius tankervilliae (Banks ex L'Hér.) Blume
April IMAG2330
紅鶴頂蘭Phaius tankervilliae (Banks ex L'Hér.) Blume
April IMAG2335
quite sunny for NE aspect due to topography

Flowers around the house

April DSC_0999
Butterfly weed 柳葉馬利筋 (liǔ yè mǎ lì jīn) Asclepias tuberosa
April DSC_1000
Turkish eggplant
April DSC_1001
Rose 玫瑰 (méi guī) Rosa
April DSC_1003
April DSC_1004
Coffea 小果咖啡 (xiǎo guǒ kā fēi) arabica ?
April DSC_1008
Bougainvillea 九重葛 (jiǔ chóng gé)
April DSC_1014
Borage, starflower 琉璃苣 (liú lí jù) Borago officinalis
April DSC_1015
Marigold 玫瑰 (méi guī) Tagetes 萬壽菊
April DSC_1022
Nasturtium 金蓮花 (jīn lián huā)

Reshaping a broken blade

April DSC_1025
April DSC_1027
April DSC_1031
folding bamboo stool repair
April DSC_1041
table leg repair

Home Garden

April IMAG2367
home grown strawberry
April 2774631151_strava_1523851956844_960x540
Ride to Xiluoan 西羅岸 and Baoqinggong 保慶宮 in cold wet weather
April IMAG2374
April IMAG2377
April IMAG2378
April IMAG2379
April IMAG2380
April IMAG2381
April IMAG2382
working on rain collection
April IMAG2383
working on rain collection
April IMAG2385
April IMAG2386
April IMAG2387
April IMAG2389
flood in garage from rain storm
April IMAG2390
April IMAG2391
April IMAG2392
after the storm


April IMAG2447
April IMAG2448
April IMAG2451

Recovering from flood at home

April IMAG2452
drill, fan and a clothes drier motor in the sun
April IMAG2453
A clothes drier in the sun
April IMAG2455
Lunch after the big cleaning, fixings for a taco salad

Yonghe Farm - Zuni Bowl

April IMAG2460
Zuni Bowl
April IMAG2461
Zuni Bowl
April IMAG2462
Zuni Bowl
April IMAG2463
April IMAG2464

Home garden

April IMAG2466
April IMAG2467
April IMAG2468
Keywords: bike, craft, dog, flower, fruit, garden, permaculture, plant, polyculture, project, video
People: James
Locations: Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2018:04:08 - 2018:04:30