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August 20180801_115534
air conditioner rappel
August IMAG3523
office fan repair

At home

August IMAG3539
August DSC_1149
Spider and stink bug
August IMAG3629

Xikeng meteor hunt 西坑流星

August 38942033_10155274279712493_7368925443296067584_o
fruiting fig
August 38926406_10155274279822493_3077784920207130624_o
Taiwan Beauty Snake 黑眉錦蛇 (hēi méi jǐn shé) Orthriophis Taeniurus Friesei in the rattan
August 39008927_10155274280032493_5714659522987950080_o
Taiwan Beauty Snake 黑眉錦蛇 (hēi méi jǐn shé) Orthriophis Taeniurus Friesei in the rattan
August GOPR3000
Ayu stream 阿玉溪
August GOPR3002
Ayu stream 阿玉溪
August GOPR3003
Ayu stream 阿玉溪
August GOPR3007
camp at night fall
August GOPR3009
kitchen below camp
August GOPR3014
the cook
August GOPR3018
the firemaker
August GOPR3021
waiting for the meteors
August GOPR3023
breaking camp
August 39050571_10155274280257493_4421521024227475456_o
Lucky-heart 心葉毬蘭 (xīn yè qiú lán) Hoya kerrii
August GOPR3026
fruiting 黃藤 (huáng téng) Calamus quiquesetinervius
August GOPR3028
windy road
August GOPR3032
Xikeng Road 西坑林道
August GOPR3036
Xikeng trail head 西坑林道
August GOPR3037
descretionary access
August GOPR3040
桶后溪 Tongho stream below Xiaoyi 孝義
August DSC_1152
crossbow arrows and used shotgun shell

At home

August IMAG3632

Tongho stream 桶後溪 dog walk

August GOPR3044
working up river
August GOPR3045
James and Tane
August GOPR3049
face in stone
August GOPR3050
Tongho stream 桶後溪
August GOPR3052
Tongho stream 桶後溪
August GOPR3054
Tongho stream 桶後溪
August Tongho_2018-08-18_854x480
Tongho stream 桶後溪 dogs
August GOPR3058
Tongho stream 桶後溪
August GOPR3060
Tongho stream 桶後溪
August GOPR3061
barely survived Soudelour

Home Garden after late summer rains

August IMAG3717
Dwarf Barbados Cherry 小葉黃褥花
August IMAG3718
Dwarf Barbados Cherry 小葉黃褥花
August IMAG3719
Dwarf Barbados Cherry 小葉黃褥花
August IMAG3720
August IMAG3721
Loquat, acerola, kumquat, chidaoyingcao, Silk Tree, jasmine, canna lily, guava, mulberry, naranjilla
August IMAG3723
silk tree flower
August IMAG3724
August IMAG3727
Passiflora foetida
August IMAG3728
strawberry plant runners
August IMAG3729
Culinary purslane
August IMAG3731
habanero fruit
August IMAG3732
Baby jackfruit tree (one year?)
August IMAG3734
And this jackfruit tree showed up in the onion pot
August IMAG3735
thyme ready for more propagation and fall plant out
August IMAG3736
Red amaranth leaf sprout
August IMAG3737
Malabar spinach
August IMAG3738
Sweet basil and Malabar spinach
August IMAG3739
green and purple sweet potato leaves
August IMAG3740
North side edge garden full of plants to be set out for fall
August IMAG3741
Rose bush from Marian, hanging in there
August IMAG3742
Curry leaf tree
August IMAG3743
薯榔 vine, the root is used for dye
August IMAG3744
Passiflora foetida flower
August IMAG3746
A range of chilies: 糯米辣較, 剝皮辣椒, habanero, and a Burmese chili
August IMAG3748
August IMAG3749
Lemon grass that we propagated
August IMAG3750
perennial peanut 蔓花生
August IMAG3751
Thai basil
August IMAG3752
Oregano ground cover
August IMAG3753
Chocolate mint
August IMAG3755
August IMAG3756
August IMAG3757
lemon balm
August IMAG3758
Apple mint
August IMAG3759
Onion? Leak?
August IMAG3760
August IMAG3761
strawberry runners captured for planting out
August IMAG3763
ramie fibers dyed with pure 薯榔 extract
August DSC_1180
Culinary purslane
August DSC_1181
Passiflora foetida flower
August DSC_1182
August DSC_1183
August DSC_1184
August DSC_1185
August DSC_1186
August DSC_1187
August DSC_1188
August DSC_1189
August IMAG3765
August IMAG3767
August Lanxi_stream_20180831
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 after a storm

Toaster oven repair

August DSC_1234
failed 元山 YS-530T toaster oven
August DSC_1226
circuit mapping
August DSC_1229
August DSC_1219
failed bimetal thermoswitch
August DSC_1221
IVY TA-018 16A/125VAC

Around the house

August IMAG0002
Chinese violet 赤道櫻草 (chì dào yīng cǎo) Asystasia gangetica
August IMAG0004
sunset after the storm
August IMAG0009
sunset after the storm
Keywords: building, dog, flower, fruit, garden, hike, hunting, insect, plant, project, reptile, road, seed, stream, sun, trail, tree, vehicle, video
People: James, Leigh, Philip
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2018:08:01 - 2018:09:01