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Quick dip in a side stream of the Tongho stream 桶後溪 with James's visiting friend Brian

September GOPR3147
Cooling off in a side stream
September GOPR3149
James and Brian cooling off
September GOPR3150
the side stream below us
September GOPR3153
Big-eyed rat snake 過山刀 (guò shān dāo) Ptyas dhumnades

Mohen trail search

September DSC00001
trail down toward Mohen 莫很 is overgrown
September DSC00003
at the trail head

Philip and Leigh drive up to Taipingshan 太平山 to look for a trail down toward Mohen stream 莫很溪. We find the trail head. It is clear that there was once a road but it is overgrown with grass and we are not equipped for the changing weather which is very cool and it begins to rain, so we abandon the exploration.

Short walk with Celia visiting from the UK along the old road into the FeiTsui reservoir 翡翠水庫 above Sikanshui 四崁水

September GOPR3157
Sikanshui 四崁水 trail into reservoir
September GOPR3159
Sikanshui 四崁水 road
September GOPR3160
Sikanshui 四崁水
September GOPR3162
Sikanshui 四崁水 road

Celia visits Wulai 烏來

September IMAG0014
September IMAG0016
September IMAG0017
September IMAG0018
Wulai 烏來
September IMAG0020
Coffee above Wulai 烏來

Tongho Road 桶後林道 explore

September DSC_1278
recovering landslide on Tongho Road 桶後林道
September DSC_1279
September DSC_1281
a private side road off Tongho Road 桶後林道
September DSC_1282
Soudelour repairs ongoing on Tongho Road 桶後林道
September DSC_1284
Soudelour repairs
September DSC_1287
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September DSC_1288
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September DSC_1289
washed out bend in the Tongho stream 桶後溪
September DSC_1290
Tongho 桶後 flats
September DSC_1291
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September DSC_1292
TaiPower suspension bridge in 桶后 Tonghou
September 42791052_10155367919942493_8124368447875317760_n
Tongho Road 桶後林道
September DSC_1293
crossover trail to the coast
September DSC_1294
path closed due to typhoon damage
September DSC_1295
TongHo stream 桶后溪
September DSC_1296
TongHo 桶后
September DSC_1297
TongHo 桶后 at 13k on Tongho Road 桶後林道
September 42797574_10155367920122493_7092720872493940736_n
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September DSC_1300
September DSC_1302
TongHo stream 桶后溪 is high
September DSC_1303
TongHo stream 桶后溪
September 42819180_10155367920747493_8808807113246638080_n
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September 42868364_10155367920137493_115546611811090432_n
Tongho stream 桶後溪
September 42971962_10155367919772493_4758535614612111360_n
a side stream
September video-1538310809
TongHo stream 桶后溪
September DSC_1307
Aiyu waterfall 阿玉瀑布
September DSC_1308
Aiyu waterfall 阿玉瀑布

Tongho 桶後 explore with Leigh, road is still recovering from typhoon Soudelour

Keywords: bike, bridge, dam, dog, landslide, reptile, road, sign, stream, trail, typhoon, video, waterfall
People: Celia, James, Leigh, Philip, Tammy
Locations: Siji, 四季, Wulai, 烏來, Xiaoyi, 孝義
Dates: 2018:09:11 - 2018:09:30