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Shida 師大

June IMAG2767
leaf source
June IMAG2768
leaf source

Home Garden

June IMAG2769
almost maximum production level
June IMAG2770
June IMAG2771
north side long garden
June IMAG2772
north east view
June IMAG2773
dill and onion seeds
June IMAG2774
always propagating more oregano for projects and gifts
June IMAG2775
tomato and mints

Food at home

June IMAG2776
pasta dish with sauteed carrots, amaranth leaves, garlic, onion, oregano and thyme
June IMAG2777
pasta with fixin's from the garden
June IMAG2778
added a green salad topped with tomato, culantro, lemon juice, apple cider, olive oil, garlic

Pristine Office

June DSC_1068
View from Pristine north window
June DSC_1069
Tammy at work
June DSC_1070
Tammy at work

Around the house

June 20180609_073224
baby snake killed in front of the house

fan repair

June 20180606_073150
failed 吉宇 惠騰 FR-108 電風扇 fan
June 20180530_213837
bearings and capacitor okay
June 20180530_215809
searching for fuse in motor windings
June DSC_1056
cannibalizing thermal fuse from another motor
June DSC_1081
keep temperature low when soldering
June DSC_1084
sinking away heat while soldering
June DSC_1086
reassemble leads and windings
June DSC_1102
reassemble motor
June DSC_1105
fan repaired

home garden

June 20180613_103255
flagging down the bus
June IMAG2859
pre-rains looking okay, but a bit dry
June IMAG2860
on the dry side
June IMAG2861
Giant Toona sinensis, Chinese toona tree next to our house
June IMAG2862
coffee, baby and giant toona, taros, gingers, begonia, etc.
June IMAG2864
immature pomelo fruit
June IMAG2865
Turmeric growing lot mad
June IMAG2866
naranjillas doing well
June IMAG2867
Orange jessamine
June IMAG2868
guild of guava, mulberry, loquat, kumquat, acerola, chidao yingcao
June IMAG2869
chidao yingcao
June IMAG2871
lizard hanging out
June IMAG2872
eggplant and oregano
June IMAG2873
tomato plant madness
June IMAG2874
tomato and mint/vietnamese mint
June IMAG2875

at the office in Jingmei 景美

June IMAG2880
nest in an unlikely place
June IMAG2881
June IMAG2885
office hornets nest removed by fire department

Pancakes and sauces at home

June IMAG2893
apple banana pancakes
June IMAG2895
mango-habanero-carrot hot sauce
June IMAG2897
mango-habanero-carrot hot sauce

626 UN International Anti-Drug Day

June 50163
Chairman, Larry Chung
June 50179
recognition with a stack of ancient tea
June 50182
The Scientologists
June 86172
ancient tea and jewel dust portraits
June 86181
ancient tea
June 86201
Recognizing author Kang
June 86200
June 86197
IFPEOC chairman, Larry Chung
June 86189
June 86202
gays in schools leads to drug addiction
June 86219
flag of ?
June 86210

The IFPEOC marks the annual United Nations 6/26 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

at home

June 20180627_075004
June DSC_1111
PurpleAir PA-II: Dual Laser Air Sensor
June DSC_1113
Plumeria, Frangipani 緬梔花 (miǎn zhī huā)
June DSC_1115
PurpleAir PA-II: Dual Laser Air Sensor
June IMAG2943
sweet basil harvest
Keywords: IFPEOC, bird, edible landscape, flower, food, garden, insect, plant, project, reptile, road, seed, shida
People: Larry, Philip, Tammy
Locations: Dadaocheng, 大稻埕, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2018:06:01 - 2018:06:29