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Repairs DSC_1060
fan spindle
Repairs DSC_1065
broken fan blade
Repairs DSC_1077
motor winding thermal fuse

Dryer door switch

Repairs 20180613_213544
failed dryer door switch
Repairs 20180613_214309
failed dryer door switch
Repairs 20180613_214523
failed dryer door switch
Repairs 20180613_220036
failed dryer door switch - degraded epoxy

Laser dust sensor assembly

Repairs DSC_1241
Repairs DSC_1243
Remove PVC locking sleeve
Repairs DSC_1245
sensor assembly
Repairs DSC_1260
2X Plantower PMS5003
Repairs DSC_1249
two dust sensors with WiFi controller board
Repairs DSC_1252
ESP8266 ESP-WROOM-02, DS3231
Repairs DSC_1257
BME280 (temperature and humidity)

Toaster oven thermostat

Repairs DSC_1263
toaster oven thermostat
Repairs DSC_1264
toaster over operation lamp

Failed charger investigation

Repairs DSC_1273
failed charger investigation
Repairs DSC_1274
failed charger investigation
Keywords: project, repair
Dates: 2018:06:05 - 2018:09:19