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July 20180621_100949
crafted drip pan for new toaster oven
July 20180704_125722_960x540
wasp drying off after bus rescue

At home

July IMAG2988
A big thin-waisted yellow hornet
July IMAG2989
Potter wasp 黃胸泥壺蜂 (huángxiōng níhú fēng) Delta pyriforme
July IMAG2990
July IMAG2991
July 20180706_102002_960x540
spider working
July 20180706_113823
July rain_ditch_fail_960x540
the new rain drainage ditch has failed
July dog_return_960x540
three dogs after the storm
July IMAG3139
July IMAG3141
July IMAG3142
July IMAG3143
July IMAG3144
sauteed red amaranth leaf, Southeast Asian style
July 20180709_074133
filming on Lanxi stream 蘭溪 during typhoon Maria

Replaced motor capacitor in Tatung fan which was slowing down.

July 20180709_082933
failing capacitor
July 20180709_083039
classic black steel Tatung table fan
July 20180709_222754
replacement capacitor wired in
July 20180709_224109
base electronics reinstalled

Typhoon Maria

July IMAG3145
July IMAG3146
July IMAG3147
July IMAG3148
July IMAG3149
July IMAG3150
July IMAG3151
July IMAG3152
July IMAG3153
film crew during the typhoon pollutes the stream area
July IMAG3156
July IMAG3157
July IMAG3168
plants out of the house
July IMAG3170
plants out, but kind of randomly placed after the typhoon
July IMAG3171
plants out, but waiting for news of next storm before putting everything back

We move most of our outdoor plants into the house, but typhoon Maria drops less rain than the storm earlier in the week. A large crew filming during the typhoon pollute and trample the Lqnxi stream area with gold glitter.

Bike loop east of Taipei through Kualai 闊瀨

July 20180714_060824
through Mucha 木柵 6AM
July 20180714_072906
July 20180714_072910
from the 106
July 20180714_074013
Pingxi 平溪老街
July 20180714_074021
Pingxi 平溪老街
July 20180714_074235
Pingxi 平溪 - the train runs on the trestle above this stream
July 20180714_083252
Lingjiao 嶺腳 near Pingxi
July 20180714_091214
stream toward Shuangxi 雙溪
July 20180714_110517
July 20180714_111852
tea fields in the Kuolai 闊瀨 valley
July 20180714_121224
tea terraces
July 20180714_125838
Highway 5 through Pinglin 坪林 from above
July 20180714_135928
July 20180714_140815
July Kuolai
map from phone
July 1209151071_strava_1531574118904_clipped
July Kuolai_Garmin_edge
115 km loop through Kualai 闊瀨
July 20180715_175107
picking up Tammy at the bus stop
July 20180715_180714
cleaning up film glitter destroys the grass

Home projects

July DSC_1140
Failed Magicshine light handlebar mount
July 20180220_182259
board bottom
July 20180220_182437
board top
July 20180220_182458
8052F ASIC LED solar charge controller
July 20180710_203620
cracked waterproof elbow patched with bottlecap
July DSC_1144
repaired solar lamp installed
July DSC_1146
lamp in clothes washing area

QX5252 datasheet

Lanxi stream 蘭溪 trace

July GOPR2901
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2902
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2904
James pulling garbage from the stream
July GOPR2906
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2907
July GOPR2909
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2910
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July G0012932
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2941
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2943
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2944
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
July GOPR2946
Out at the Road 6 bridge
July lanxi_trace
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 garbage survey

Morning garbage survey of Lanxi stream 蘭溪 with James in light rain, including two whole raw chickens.

Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道

July GOPR2952
trail head
July GOPR2953
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
July GOPR2954
Jiufen 九份
July GOPR2955
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
July GOPR2959
toward Keelung 基隆
July GOPR2960
turn off toward Houtong 猴硐
July GOPR2962
meeting on the trail
July GOPR2965
temple for the mountain god 山神廟
July GOPR2968
protector of the miners 山神廟
July GOPR2970
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
July GOPR2971
ruins of stone homes
July GOPR2973
July GOPR2974
looking toward Houtong 猴硐
July GOPR2976
ruins of stone homes
July GOPR2979
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
July GOPR2980
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
July GOPR2983
Wolfgang investigates the ruins
July GOPR2984
tree growing over a wall gone
July GOPR2989
intriguing ridge
July GOPR2992
July GOPR2993
Houtong Station 猴硐
July GOPR2995
Houtong Station 猴硐
July xiaocukeng_map
Xiaocukeng trail 小粗坑古道
Keywords: bike, bridge, building, dog, garden, insect, map, mountain, plant, project, road, sign, stream, street, temple, trail, train, tree, vehicle, video, water
People: James, Wolfgang
Locations: Caonan, 草湳, Fulung, 福隆, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Home, 家, Pinglin, 坪林, Pristine, 精粹, Shiding, 石碇
Dates: 2018:06:21 - 2018:07:27