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at home

February IMAG5151
Homemade adzuki (red bean) chili
February IMG_20190202_100324_1
down by the river
February IMAG5152
Taiwan golden potatoes and dill soup
February IMAG5156
Remnant of a tile from a merchant family home
February IMAG5158
backside of the tile
February IMAG5159
Thickness and composition of the tile
February IMAG5161
chili caserole
February IMAG5163
chili casserole
February DSC_1636
ginger flowers
February IMAG5279
kenaf 大麻槿
February IMAG5281
ramie new growth
February IMAG5282
coffee berries
February IMAG5285
loquat sapling
February IMAG5286
View into the side yard
February IMAG5287
winter home patio garden
February IMAG5288
Winter home patio garden
February IMAG5289
February DSC_1642
flowering dill

Pristine odin DNS server repair

February IMG_20190212_155029_2
Pristine odin DNS repair
February IMG_20190212_200103_4
cleaning odin's fan

Visit with Ian

February IMG-0274
two Chinese classmates
February IMG-0277
walk in Sikanshui 四崁水
February IMG-0298
goofy in Sikanshui 四崁水
February IMG-0301
walk in Sikanshui 四崁水
February IMG-0321
Philip and Ian visit their Chinese professor, Chauncey Chu

around Garden City

February VID_20190218_082150_854x480
a duck in Lanxi stream

Preparing equipment for a hike

February IMG_20190202_091608_4
evaluating camp stoves
February IMG_20190202_102948_7
folding shovel
February IMG_20190222_103943_1
unelastic tent poles
February IMG_20190222_104211_2
replacing tent pole elastic
February IMG_20190225_180933_8
techincal textiles seamstress

at home

February IMAG5347
colorful salad
February IMAG5363
Potato curry
Keywords: bird, camping, cooking, dog, flower, fruit, garden, plant, repair, stream, video
People: Chauncey, Ian, Jason, Philip, Tammy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Mingchi, 明池, Sikanshui, 四嵌水
Dates: 2019:02:01 - 2019:02:28