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Lanxi stream 蘭溪

January DSC_1610
Yellow Wagtail 黃鶺鴒 (huáng jí líng) Motacilla flava
January DSC_1611
Plantago 車前草 (chē qián cǎo) Plantago asiatica

At home

January IMG_20190102_125347_5
three young rats trapped in the carbonizer
January IMAG4830
January IMAG4832

A sign near Pristine and last day of class at Yonghe

January IMAG4833
January IMAG4835
January IMAG4836
January IMAG4837
January IMAG4839
January IMAG4841
January IMAG4842
January IMAG4844

At home

January DSC_1627
January DSC_1632
January DSC_1633
January IMAG4858
January IMAG4862

Jingmei 景美 - behind office

January IMG_20190117_114146_0
Jingmei neighborhood garden

At home

January IMAG5072
January IMAG5073
January IMG_20190123_081207_2

Kannie gets stuck in a trap

January IMG_20190123_094306_4
Kannie caught
January IMAG5094
the snare that caught Kannie
January IMAG5095

At home

January IMAG5106
January IMAG5107

Final visit and harvest at the Yonghe farm

January IMAG5118
January IMAG5119
January IMAG5120
January IMAG5121
January IMAG5122
January IMAG5123
January IMAG5124
January IMAG5126
January IMAG5128
January IMAG5129
January IMAG5130
January IMAG5131
January IMAG5133
January IMAG5134
January IMAG5135
January IMAG5136
January IMAG5138
January IMAG5139
January IMAG5140
January IMAG5141
January IMAG5143

Lanxi stream 蘭溪

January IMAG5145
January IMAG5148
January IMAG5149
Keywords: animal, bird, butterfly, dog, flower, food, moth, plant, stream
Dates: 2019:01:01 - 2019:01:30