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Paynes Prairie

Florida DSC_4109
Paynes Prairie

Paynes Prairie is a a 85 km2 savanna in Alachua County, Florida lying between Micanopy and Gainesville.

at home

Florida DSC_4116
Red bellied woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)
Florida DSC_4126
male northern cardinal 北美紅雀 Cardinalis cardinalis
Florida DSC_4127
Tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)
Florida DSC_4128
Carolina wren 卡罗苇鹪鹩 Thryothorus ludovicianus
Florida DSC_4131
Red bellied woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)
Florida DSC_4136
Florida DSC_4137
Mexican marigolds

short bike loop

Florida 72380976101_relive-tracker_1696785578250
short bike loop
Florida IMG_20231008_130444_1
Florida IMG_20231008_130819_1
Nine-banded armadillo 九帶犰狳 Dasypus novemcinctus

at home (more birds)

Florida DSC_4139
papyrus planted in pond to clear up water
Florida DSC_4140
Carolina chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)
Florida DSC_4141
male northern cardinal 北美紅雀 Cardinalis cardinalis
Florida DSC_4144
female northern cardinal 北美紅雀 Cardinalis cardinalis
Florida DSC_4146

Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve

Florida IMG_20231010_083953_4
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_090150_8
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_090241_8
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_092100_9
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_092114_5
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_093559_1
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida IMG_20231010_093644_1
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida 53115186101_relive-tracker_1696961218940
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve walk

Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve is a diverse area of intact natural communities. The uplands are comprised mainly of wet and mesic flatwoods and sandhill. Several small wetlands drain to the southwest into a larger basin swamp, which drains to the River Styx, then drains to Orange Lake.

Collecting containers for rainwater harvesting system

Florida IMG_20231010_150854_2
Second-hand tank seller
Florida IMG_20231010_150858_3
Second-hand tank seller
Florida IMG_20231010_150911_8
intermediate bulk containers (IBC) for reuse

Bluebird Landing, Santa Fe River

Florida IMG_20231013_113838_2
Bluebird Landing, Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_4150
water hyacinth
Florida DSC_4151
cypress knees
Florida DSC_4156
Blue Bird Landing
Florida DSC_4158
Florida DSC_4168
snake bird
Florida DSC_4174
immature glossy ibis

at home

Florida DSC_4185
Florida DSC_4190
Christopher sweeping the car port roof
Florida DSC_4196
spanish moss
Florida DSC_4201
old barn
Florida DSC_4203
lotus bloom
Florida DSC_4205

Ride west out 15th Avenue

Florida 32145786101_relive-tracker_1697374502466
Ride west out 15th Avenue
Florida IMG_20231015_081747_5
Florida IMG_20231015_082156_8

Bike brakes repair

Florida IMG_20231015_110406386
bike brake repair
Florida IMG_20231015_123821642
bike brake repair

Voices Rising - Gainesville inter-generational community chorus

Florida DSC_4209
Florida DSC_4210

Off-road ride further west

Florida 44688886101_relive-tracker_1697464064716
Sandy trails
Florida IMG_20231016_082449_4
Florida IMG_20231016_083653_9
Florida IMG_20231016_083704718_HDR
Florida IMG_20231016_084421_4
Florida IMG_20231016_084538_6
Florida IMG_20231016_084954_2
Florida IMG_20231016_090000_4
Florida IMG_20231016_090801_7

at home

Florida DSC_4212
Florida DSC_4216
Florida DSC_4219
mulching the blueberries
Florida IMG_20231016_122238736_HDR
Florida DSC_4222
Carolina chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)
Florida DSC_4235
Red bellied woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)
Florida IMG_20231016_201308_9
Pizza master
Florida DSC_4237
Florida DSC_4250
out to the busy road
Florida DSC_4256
Ioniq 5
Florida IMG_20231018_164337006_HDR

Longer bike loop after brake repair

Florida 52264196101_relive-tracker_1697666581399
longer loop after brake repair
Florida IMG_20231018_170112_8
Florida IMG_20231018_170153_3

Long bike loop through Archer and Newberry

Florida 51161296101_relive-tracker_1697728046376
Archer and Newberry ride
Florida IMG_20231019_083719_0
Florida IMG_20231019_085040_3
Florida IMG_20231019_085730_0
Florida IMG_20231019_093817_6
Florida IMG_20231019_093842853_HDR
Florida IMG_20231019_093855_1
Florida IMG_20231019_093857_8
Florida IMG_20231019_095631_4
Florida IMG_20231019_095638_6
Florida IMG_20231019_101013_8
Florida IMG_20231019_101729_9
Florida IMG_20231019_102257_9

Canoing up Santa Fe River to Poe Springs

Florida DSC_4266
Florida DSC_4271
Florida DSC_4272
cypress knees
Florida DSC_4274
engineering team
Florida DSC_4276
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4280
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4281
Florida DSC_4285
cypress knees
Florida DSC_4286
Florida DSC_4289
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_4293
Florida DSC_4299
Florida DSC_4300
Florida DSC_4303
Florida DSC_4307
Florida DSC_4309
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_4310
Florida DSC_4315
Florida DSC_4324
Florida DSC_4326
cypress knees
Florida DSC_4329
cypress knees

back to Poe Springs

Florida IMG_20231020_134535092_HDR
Poe Springs
Florida IMG_20231020_134754646
Poe Springs
Florida IMG_20231020_134841459_HDR
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4334
Florida DSC_4335
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4336
Santa Fe River
Florida IMG_20231020_142452611
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4337
cypress knees
Florida DSC_4342
Florida DSC_4349
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4351
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4357
Snake in tree
Florida DSC_4361
Christopher at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4363
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_4369

at home

Florida IMG_20231020_202925945
Christopher planing the bathroom door jam

disc golf

Florida IMG_20231021_135546_8
disc golf
Florida IMG_20231021_135643_1
disc golf
Florida IMG_20231021_140111_0
disc golf

around the house

Florida DSC_4382
living room
Florida DSC_4383
dining room
Florida DSC_4384
office hallway
Florida DSC_4385
living room
Florida DSC_4387
water heater
Florida DSC_4388
back bedroom
Florida DSC_4390
Christopher's room
Florida DSC_4391
Christopher's room
Florida DSC_4392
back hallway
Florida DSC_4393
living room
Florida DSC_4394
Florida DSC_4395
front bedroom
Florida DSC_4396
Florida DSC_4397
master bedroom
Florida DSC_4398
master bedroom
Florida DSC_4399
dining room
Florida DSC_4400
Florida DSC_4401
kitchen porch
Florida DSC_4402
Florida DSC_4403
Florida DSC_4404
utility room
Florida DSC_4405
back yard
Florida DSC_4406
back yard
Florida DSC_4407
Florida DSC_4408
utility room
Florida DSC_4409
utility room
Florida DSC_4410
utility room
Florida DSC_4412
Florida IMG_20231022_173725250
Christiopher cleaning out mold in back bathroom

San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park

Florida IMG_20231023_171300687
Florida IMG_20231023_172032808
Florida IMG_20231023_172442698_BURST004
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