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Development DSCN3256
Development DSCN3622
Development DSCN3624
Development DSCN3625
Development DSCN3626
Development DSCN5440
Development DSCN5442
Development DSCN5443
surveiled palms
Development DSCN9607
Development DSCN0142
Development DSCN0143
Development DSCN0144
Development DSCN0145
Development DSCN0146
Development DSCN0148
Development DSCN0149

Development along the QingTan River (青潭溪) east (upstream) of QingTan (青潭)

Development DSCN0229
Development DSCN0230
Development DSCN0232
Development DSCN0362

Development above the south terminus of the Xindian subway line (新店捷運站)

Locations: New Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2004:06:16 - 2005:08:09