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McClays DSCN0507
Dorma and Tammy
McClays DSCN0508
Lanhou waterfall 蘭吼瀑布
McClays DSCN0510
down to the water just above Fushan village, 1:15
McClays DSCN0512
McClays DSCN0514
construction begins
McClays DSCN0516
McClays DSCN0518
McClays DSCN0519
McClays DSCN0521
Russ and Phoenix
McClays DSCN0524
Phoenix and Zephyr
McClays DSCN0526
McClays DSCN0530
abandoned civilization
McClays DSCN0533
McClays DSCN0534
Fushan bridge
McClays DSCN0536
Nanshixi 南勢溪
McClays DSCN0540
out, 16:15
McClays DSCN0541
Fushan bridge
McClays DSCN0542
no poisoning, electrocuting or netting fish...
McClays DSCN0544
Nanshixi 南勢溪
McClays DSCN0545
drive to Wulai
McClays DSCN0547
dinner in Wulai
Keywords: bridge, dog, river, sign, waterfall
People: Phoenix, Russ, Tammy, Zephyr
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Wulai, 烏來
Date: 2005:08:28