Nanhu Mountian (Dadi 大地登山旅遊

Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 11/2-11/4

Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 at an elevation of 3,740 meters is one of the top ten highest peaks on Taiwan, the highest peak in the northern section of the central mountain range and one of Taiwan's five sacred mountains.

Approaching Nanhu 南湖大山 mountain from Siyuan pass 思源啞口, near Wuling Farms 武陵農場 off of highway 7 (台七), the first day will be a 12km/6hr mostly flat walk on unused Forest Road 710 (710林道) through Formosan temperate mountain forest climbing from an altitude of 1947m at Siyuan 思源, to a peak of 2792 at Tuochiatun 多加屯山 and then to Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊 at 2602m. The second day, hikers may decide to return to Siyuan 思源啞口 or continue toward Nanhu peak 南湖大山. Walking up and back to Nanhu peak 南湖大山 will be roughly a 20km or 10 hour hike, climbing from 1947m up to 3600m and then back down. This group will hike down the 12 km from Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊 to Siyuan 思源啞口 on the morning of the third day.

Team 隊員

Bruce, Eagle, James, Jason, Philip, Russ


Maps indicate four huts in the area of which two appear to be usable.

Bookings are not recognized for huts within the Taroko National Park. Spaces are allotted on a first come first serve basis.
太魯閣國家公園 1. 入園申請單沒有編床位; 2. 山屋床位編號僅供參考----採先到先住策略

Itinerary 預計行程

November 十一月 2007
  • Drive from Taipei to Wuling Farms 武陵農場 in the evening 2.5 hour drive
  • Spend the night at Wuling Farms 武陵農場
  • 15 min drive from Wuling Farms 武陵農場 to Ssuyuan pass 思源啞口,
  • Park cars at Ssuyuan pass 思源啞口, Start walking before 9:00AM
  • hike to Entrance 登山口 (6.7k in 2.5 hours) Flat and easy walk along Forest Road 710 (photos below)
  • Tuochiatun 多加屯山 (1.7k in 80 mins)
  • Muchien saddle (nek) 木杆鞍部 (2.7k in 75 mins)
  • Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊 (1k in 40 mins)
12 kilometers in 6 hours
  • Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊
  • Shenmachen Mt 審馬陣山 (3.2k in 130 mins)
  • Nanhu North peak 南湖北山 (2.2k in 95 mins)
  • Nanhu cabin 南湖山莊 (2k in 70 mins)
  • Nanhu main peak 南湖主峰 (2k in 80 mins)
  • Nanhu cabin 南湖山莊 (2k in 45 mins)
  • Nanhu North peak 南湖北山 (2k in 85 mins)
  • Shenmachen Mt 審馬陣山 (2.2k in 60 mins)
  • Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊 (3.2k in 75 mins)
17 kilometers in 10 hours
  • Yunleng cabin 雲稜山莊
  • Muchien saddle (nek) 木杆鞍部 (1k in 40 mins)
  • Tuochiatun 多加屯山 (2.7k in 90 mins)
  • Entrance 登山口 (1.7k in 35 mins)
  • Ssuyuan pass 思源啞口 (6.7k in 2 hours)
12 kilometers in 5 hours

Google Earth collection of above points

Photos from 07/4/22 reconnaissance trip

Bruce and Philip hike up the trail from Ssuyuan (思源啞口) towards Nanhu mountain (南湖大山) in the morning to get a sense of the trail condition to plan a walk over towards Tianshiang (天祥) in Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園) in the Fall.

Taoshan 4373
Start off at 8:15AM
Taoshan 4397
detour around landslides
Taoshan 4428 Taoshan 4438 Taoshan 4454 Taoshan 4466 Taoshan 4474
broken center line

The first few kilometers of the path are wide open and not steep since the path follows what was once Forest Road 710. The path is punctuated by patches of artemisia, plantain, nettles, elderberry, horsetail and mint.

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申請 hiking permits 入山證

The mountain permit for this trip has been secured.


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