Fushan with Browns
Fushan with Browns 15250SDC10179
Philip and Joshua at the waterfall (photo by Laurie)
Fushan with Browns 15259SDC10201
Begonia blossom (photo by Laurie)
Fushan with Browns 15280SDC10209
(photo by Laurie)
Fushan with Browns 15282SDC10217
fishing Taiwan shoveljaw carp 苦花 Varicorhinus barbatulus Atayal: tmmanquleh (photo by Laurie)
Fushan with Browns 15305SDC10218
Philip on the trail (photo by Laurie)
Fushan with Browns 15250
Christopher, Laurie-Beth and Tammy at the waterfall
Fushan with Browns 15251
Josh crossing
Fushan with Browns 15254
bridge under repair
Fushan with Browns 15258
Fushan with Browns 15260
Formosan Sugar Palm 山棕 Arenga tremula flower
Fushan with Browns 15264
Fushan with Browns 15275
Atayal fishermen
Fushan with Browns 15276
fishing Taiwan shoveljaw carp 苦花 Varicorhinus barbatulus Atayal: tmmanquleh
Fushan with Browns 15279
Fushan with Browns 15281
Joshua engages the fishermen
Fushan with Browns 15285
Fushan with Browns 15291
Fushan with Browns 15292
Fushan with Browns 15295
Fushan with Browns 15297
Fushan with Browns 15298
mountain boar stew
Fushan with Browns 15301
Fushan with Browns 15307
the trail back
Fushan with Browns 15308
Fushan with Browns 15311
Fushan with Browns 15314
Fu-Ba trail 福巴越嶺古道 head bridge over Yakongxi stream 軋孔溪
Fushan with Browns 15316
the Nanshixi 南勢溪 river below
Fushan with Browns 15320
Joshua in the bamboo

With Laurie's brother, Christopher visiting Taiwan, we stop in Wulai 烏來 for an early breakfast before driving on to Fushan 福山. From the Fushan 福山 Atayal settlement of Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 (qlang krmut) we hike in east toward Hapen 舊哈盆部落 before dropping down to the Nanshixi 南勢溪 stream to one of our regular spots. The trail foot bridges are still under constant repair. One of the bridges had a framework laid but was unfinished and tricky to cross.

After a short hike upstream, we swim back down to our beach camp for lunch. The water is cool for late May and about a half meter below normal level. We see a brown dipper in the water. A group of Atayal fishermen come down the river after us fishing carp. They have woven bags clipped on behind them to store their fish. They must have nearly a hundred of the 4 to six inch fish. The group of 7 or 8 men range in age from their 20's through their 50's. The older men do not seem to speak mandarin Chinese. One of the younger men is friendly and engages us in conversation about their fishing and show us how their spears work. They also caught fish with a net which they swam downstream with which they cleaned 30 to 50 fish out at the beach. They had also caught a small eel. Another Taiwanese fishermen fishing from the rocks ignores the group of aborigines who start pitching their camp for the night. As we leave they have already started their camp fire and are cooking a stew of fish, bamboo and mountain boar.

We all head back to our house in NGC for an evening snack before the three visitors continue on to Taipei metropolis. This is the first adventure with Dan's new Totota truck.

Keywords: fish, indigenous, plant
People: Joshua, Tammy
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Wufeng, 五峰
Dates: 2008:01:02 - 2009:05:29