Fushan 福山
Fushan 福山 013
Greg, Bruce and Nicholas
Fushan 福山 014
construction over the Nanshi stream 南勢溪, 8:30 AM
Fushan 福山 016
Greg, Jacob, Nicholas and Bruce

Bruce brings along two friends travelling from the US, and picks up Philip and Greg after 7AM in New Garden City.

Fushan 福山 018
looking NW from the trail over the Nanshi stream 南勢溪

From the Fushan 福山 Atayal settlement of Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 (qlang krmut) at 8:30 AM. we hike east toward Hapen 舊哈盆部落 following the Nanshixi 南勢溪 stream. We direct Nicholas and Jacob to our regular swimming beach down on the river.

Fushan 福山 022
down to the water just below Lumen stream 露門溪, near 4.5k at 10:30 AM

There are more groups of hikers on the trail and fisherman in the river than we have ever seen before. We follow an Atayal man and his two sons down to the 露門溪 Lumen stream, just after the 4.5k mark. He says he lives in Wulai 烏來 and offers to cook us lunch but we tell him we're anxious to get going down the river. The sky is clouded over, but he assures us it won't rain. He shares some Maqaw (Atayal - 馬告) Mountain litsea 山胡椒 (mountain pepper) or 山蒼樹 Litsea cubeba corns with us which he has picked himself.

Fushan 福山 024
Fushan 福山 033
first narrows, 11 AM
Fushan 福山 035
Bruce and Greg coming downstream
Fushan 福山 038
landed fish
Fushan 福山 039
Bruce contemplates plunge, 11:45 AM
Fushan 福山 040
Fushan 福山 048
big and deep pool
Fushan 福山 054
Fushan 福山 057
Big pool, noon
Fushan 福山 061
Fushan 福山 065
Fushan 福山 068
Greg swimming
Fushan 福山 069
Bruce scouting below the weather station landslide, 2PM
Fushan 福山 074
Fushan 福山 076
Fushan 福山 080
Fushan 福山 081
Fushan 福山 089
Fushan 福山 094
Fushan 福山 096
Fushan 福山 097
Fushan 福山 100
group jump, 3 PM
Fushan 福山 102
leaving the river, 3:25 PM
Fushan 福山 103
up to the trail, 3:35 PM, just beyond 2.5k
Fushan 福山 106

The water level is lower than it's been recently but enough to tire us out after five hours.

Fushan 福山 107
Fushan 福山 109
Fushan 福山 110
Fushan 福山 112
trail up to parking lot, 4:15 PM
Fushan 福山 113
recently logged area
Fushan 福山 115
bamboo groove
Fushan 福山 117
recently repaired foot bridge, 4:35 PM
Fushan 福山 119
back in Fushan , 4:45 PM, construction progress
Keyword: river
People: Bruce, Greg, Nicholas, Philip
Locations: Fushan, 福山
Date: 2009:07:11