September DSC_6498
Elijah in the Girl Scout's field
September DSC_6585
praying mantis eats butterfly from fennel
September DSC_6594
Yellow-Mouthed Tree Lizard 黃口攀蜥 Japalura polygonata xanthostoma
September DSC_6652
compost tumbler for Hanbilou
September DSC_6654
flowering Golden Shower Tree 阿勃勒 "a-bu-le" Cassia fistula
September DSC_6655
September DSC_6657
flowering papaya
September DSC_6659
in the subway
September DSC_6669
Xindian city 新店 moves some trees
September DSC_6677
trees to be moved
September DSC_6678
September DSC_6681
September DSC_6683
September DSC_6687
September DSC_6694
through the bus door
September DSC_6697
September DSC_6704
Philip in the elevator at Pristine
September DSC_6706
evening off Roosevelt
September DSC_6718
September DSC_6724
development in Zhitan 直潭
September DSC_6728
September DSC_6732
Philip above Zhitan 直潭 on the old road to Wulai 烏來
September DSC_6736
A mother implores passing motorists to identify the bus that ran over her son biking on Xinwu Rd.
September DSC_6739
apple bananas and mermaid fingers at Tequila Time
September DSC_6742
Fall terrace garden
September DSC_6745
double rainbow over New Garden City
September DSC_6750
September DSC_6752
Russ at Pristine
September DSC_6772
Sarah at KGBs
September DSC_6786
Tammy, Sarah and Greg at KGBs
September DSC_6795
Philip on the subway
September DSC_6863
Sometimes a great teacher comes up the mountain
September DSC_6864
Tammy and Alan
September DSC_6865
September DSC_6866
September DSC_6867
September DSC_6874
inspecting the farmhouse
September DSC_6879
drainage from the farm
September DSC_6882
fire in the valley
September DSC_6888
September DSC_6889
farmhouse door
September DSC_6890
spider web
September DSC_6891
new dog rules
September DSC_6892
flowering and fruiting papaya
September DSC_6893
bird house (?) high up in the acacias around New Garden City "Taichung wild bird rescue and protection assoc."
September DSC_6901
Sarah and a balloon
September DSC_6903
September DSC_7035
Looking north, toward Taipei from number 7 cemetary
September DSC_7036
September DSC_7037
Looking SE toward Chuchi 屈尺
September DSC_7043
New Garden City from home
September DSC_7045
Elijah and Tammy
September DSC_7048
September DSC_7056
Wild melons
September DSC_7057
melon close up
September DSC_7058
grass orchid in the stairs to the house
September DSC_7070
Sunset from the terrace
September DSC_7074
Keywords: dog, flower, insect, reptile, tree
People: Alan, Greg, Philip, Sarah
Dates: 2009:08:05 - 2009:09:27