Tucheng 土城

Sept. 5 trip to evaluate feasibility of using the TuCheng Ammunition Depot 土城彈藥庫 as the site for the 2010 APGN (AsiaPacific Greens Network) Congress

Tucheng 土城 16796
flowering Tropical Almond 大業欖仁 (other names:枇杷樹、雨傘樹、龜仔樹楠仁樹、環保樹) Terminalia catappa L.
Tucheng 土城 16798
Shennong Temple 五穀先帝廟 (神農宮) near the Tucheng 土城 MRT station
Tucheng 土城 16799
neighborhood gathering in front of the Taipei County Fire Protection Services Center
Tucheng 土城 16800
Robin and APGN gang meet up at Tucheng Armory Depot 土城丹藥庫
Tucheng 土城 16801
One of our local hosts
Tucheng 土城 16803
The main building considered for the APGN conference
Tucheng 土城 16804
Robin and Li-lan 麗蘭 introduce the area and history
Tucheng 土城 16808
Site inspection
Tucheng 土城 16809
Walking to two other structures/location considered for conference use in Zone 1
Tucheng 土城 16812
Walking toward one of the bunker buildings
Tucheng 土城 16813
Forested paths between the buildings
Tucheng 土城 16815
Tucheng 土城 16816
Tucheng 土城 16817
Supposedly surveilled
Tucheng 土城 16818
Bunker building from the front
Tucheng 土城 16819
Lilan and George under the hoops
Tucheng 土城 16820
Another structure up on a hill overlooking the area
Tucheng 土城 16822
Aquaculture (mosquito breeding?)
Tucheng 土城 16823
Bunker building from the side
Tucheng 土城 16824
Residence in the area with lovely garden; amaranth and bamboo in the foreground
Tucheng 土城 16825
building remains with older and newer constructed walls
Tucheng 土城 16826
another bunker building nearer to Zone 2
Tucheng 土城 16827
Tucheng 土城 16829
Lotus pond in Zone 2 associated with legend about baby crying and saving the brass
Tucheng 土城 16830
Nice organic farms in Zone 3
Tucheng 土城 16831
Local enterprise?
Tucheng 土城 16832
More small-scale farming
Tucheng 土城 16833
Local nature workshops and car recycling
Tucheng 土城 16834
beautiful organic garden/farm (Li-lan's) in Zone 3
Tucheng 土城 16835
T-shirt message: "The heavens are watching what we do."
Tucheng 土城 16837
environmentalist Liu Li-lan 劉麗蘭 and two other local hosts
Tucheng 土城 16840
Li-lan, Ah-hui and other local host give APGN organizers more info about site and application process.
Tucheng 土城 16841
Picking guava
Tucheng 土城 16842
Post-site inspection good-byes
Tucheng 土城 16845
Tucheng 土城 16846
Natural, indigenous landscaping
Tucheng 土城 16847
Gate to front of another host's place
Tucheng 土城 16854
Li-lan gives Philip and I more detail about different factions within the 土城丹藥庫 special area.

The Tucheng Munitions Storage Area (TMSA) 土城彈藥庫 is a 20-minute metro ride from Taipei and then a ten minute walk from the Tucheng metro station 土城捷運站. The 20 odd families within the area were basically under martial law, no outsiders were allowed in and the activities of the residents were restricted until 2005. The military-owned portion of the land constitutes 20 hectares of the total 96 hectares. A variety of uses have been proposed for the site located only 2km from downtown Tucheng, including an expanded detention center and a hospital. The land's long status as a military base status effectively protected the land from development for more than half a century. Today the area is home to many birds and plants.

Keywords: plant, temple
Locations: Tucheng, 土城