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Around the house

December DSC_8142
December DSC_8143
December DSC_8147

alternative route over Lion's Head mountain 獅頭山

December DSC00079
river level is very low
December DSC00080
river level is very low
December DSC00083
looking north
December DSC00084
December DSC00087
December DSC00090
December DSC00092
bus to trailhead
December DSC00096
trail closed
December lionshead

Ride with Bernard up alternative route and over Lion's Head mountain 獅頭山. There is a lot of construction and damage on the road on both sides of the mountain. The weather was cool and misty at the top.

Yonghe No. 4 Public Park Eco Herb Garden

December DSC_8151
Malayan night heron 黑冠麻鷺, the eco-herb garden's mascot
December DSC_8152
Herbs for butterflies at the eco-herb garden
December DSC_8153
Herbs for Mediterrrannean cuisine in the mushroom circle garden bed
December DSC_8154
Another mushroom circle garden bed
December DSC_8155
Red-veined sorrel
December DSC_8156
Garden tower with sub-irrigation reservoir
December DSC_8157
Another tower and big sweet basil plant

Garage door motor repair

December DSC_9787
hole 3.5 cm in diameter
December DSC_9798
37 μF 250 VAC capacitor
December DSC_9805
8.5 cm long
December DSC_9808
3 cm in diameter

The garage door motor starting capacitor has failed. A replacement capacitor of the same specification and size is needed - a 37 μF 250 VAC 8.5 x 3 cm capacitor.

Upstairs apartment

December DSC_9828
upstairs apartment tub broken
December DSC_9834
view from upstairs balcony

The upstairs apartment is not fit to live in. Work is still in progress in all rooms. Some rooms have not yet been painted. The only bathroom, in the master bedroom, has no functioning bath or toilet.

Ceiling fan

December DSC_9837
December DSC_9840
ceiling fan

Hike above garden city

December DSC00078
new water tower on the trail above
December DSC00079B
Garden City below
December DSC00081
December DSC00082
December DSC00083B
December DSC00090B
Garden City below
December DSC00092B
Garden City below
December changxing
looking for route to ChangXing Road 長興路

Late afternoon hike with the dogs looking for connection from the Lanxi 蘭溪 bridge up to ChangXing Road 長興路.

Community garden visit

December DSC_9842
Late morning in the garden on a beautiful early winter day
December DSC_9843
Passionfruit marigold blooming
December DSC_9845
Still dozens of a hardy chili pepper 糯米辣椒 picked green for pickling and red sauce and fire
December DSC_9846
December DSC_9848
Philip carrying compost bin
December DSC_9849
A small green bean, similar to a mung bean, has grown well in the garden.
December DSC_9850
December DSC_9862
Checking out the garden, doing some harvesting

Morning visit to the community garden to bring kitchen waste from the Peace Cafe and dry leaves down and harvest a small bunch of bananas.

December DSC_8159
December DSC_8160
December DSC_8162
December DSC_8165
December DSC_9868
December DSC_9870
December DSC_9871
December DSC_9874

DLink router repair

December DSC_9875
D-Link DI-724P Router repair
December DSC_9880
D-Link DI-724P Router repair
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People: Philip, Tammy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Guishan, 龜山, Jiajiuliao, 加九寮
Dates: 2016:12:08 - 2016:12:31