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Short Chinese New Year's eve walk around Garden City

February DSC_7378
Mountain palm
February DSC_7382
Weiwei peek-a-boo
February DSC_7383
Edible Canna (Canna edulis)?
February DSC_7384
From the path at the base of the steep cliffs across from the community that runs along Lanxi.
February DSC_7385
Trail flag
February DSC_7386
Old homestead ruins.
February DSC_7388
Gardening in the ruins
February DSC_7390
Bamboo charcoal water. What is this used for?
February DSC_7391
Doorways to the jungle
February DSC_7392
Window of hand hewn stone building
February DSC_7393
February DSC_7396
Weiwei smelling the forest
February DSC_7399
Studying the bamboo
February DSC_7405
February DSC_7411
cliffs above the Lanxi stream
February DSC_7412
Fields still being cultivated
February DSC_7414
Philip studying me studying the bamboo
February DSC_7415
trail to Xiaocukeng 小粗坑
February DSC_7419
Butterfly catching some solar energy
February DSC_7420
townhouses from across the valley
February DSC_7424
pangolin activity
February DSC_7426
Black Bulbul 紅嘴黑鵯 (hóng zuǐ hēi bēi) Hypsipetes madagascariensis
February DSC_7429_640x360
February DSC_7430
Tammy coming out of the forest next to the river
February DSC_7433
Found some old bottles just off the trail
February DSC_7438
Dan checking out the old bottles.
February DSC_7440
Tammy and dogs
February DSC_7442
Tammy and dogs
February DSC_7443
Dan sporting new glasses
February DSC_7444
The Lanxi river
February DSC_7447
Spider wrapping a leaf
February DSC_7448
Weiwei enjoying the stream
February DSC_7449
His happiest times are here in this stream

Community Garden

February DSC_7456
Dan took apart a tatami so that the straw could be used in the garden.
February DSC_7458
Philip starts work on the stairs in the garden
February DSC_7460
Building material for the stairs.
February DSC_7463
Patricia and Kathrin join in the stair project
February DSC_7465
Sudden mushrooming following the long rain
February DSC_7468
Mulching begins again with rice straw from the tatami
February DSC_7469
A rare sunny day and lots to catch up on in the garden
February DSC_7470
Mulching again in earnest while we have some sun
February DSC_7471
The nasturtium have survived with our mini-raised bed strategy
February DSC_7472
Amazing the lettuces and broccoli survived the long, cold rains
February DSC_7473
Strawberries, planted high, and letucces made it through the cold rains.

Visit to the Garden and more work on rebuilding the bamboos stairs with discarded brick rubble.

Tammy's birthday BBQ down by the Lanxi stream 蘭溪

February IMG20160209153719
February IMG20160209153839
February IMG20160209153913
a brithday feast
February DSC_6995
Patricia brings family
February DSC_6996
abandoned riverside house
February DSC_6997
February DSC_6998
February DSC_7001
February DSC_7002
February DSC_7005
February DSC_7008
February DSC_7010
February DSC_7012
potatoes in the fire

Home meals

February DSC_7018
February DSC_7058
Chana masala with tomato, roasted capsicum, cilantro salsa and sauteed zuccini and onions becomes "dip" for the cheese-covered tortilla chips.

orange oakleaf 枯葉蝶 Kallima inachis fomosana

February DSC_7067
orange oakleaf 枯葉蝶 (kū yè dié) Kallima inachis formosana

The orange oakleaf or dead leaf 枯葉蝶 (kū yè dié) 別名: 枯葉蝶, 木葉蝶, 樹葉蝶 Kallima inachis formosana with wings closed resembles a dry leaf with dark veins and is a spectacular and commonly cited example of camouflage. Wingspan ranges from 85 to 110 millimetres. The orange oakleaf is a powerful flier and usually flies in dense forests with good rainfall, amongst undergrowth and along stream beds. It is attracted to tree sap and over-ripe fruit, and is also known to mud-puddle. When in danger the orange oakleaf flies erratically, soon dropping down into the foliage and occupying a stationary pose with wings closed, so that the birds are very often quite unable to find them.

Afternoon Ride to BaoQing temple 保慶宮 in Wulai 烏來 with Bernard under chilly and windy overcast skies

February DSC00010
BaoQing temple 保慶宮 in Wulai 烏來
February DSC00013
BaoQing temple 保慶宮 in Wulai 烏來
February DSC00015
BaoQing temple 保慶宮 in Wulai 烏來
February baoqinggong_strava
40.9 km ride to BaoQing temple 保慶宮


February DSC_7071
3 lettuces - 2-4 seeds per bullet
February DSC_7646
phone charger
February DSC_7658
molding wall, 2nd floor bedroom
February DSC_7659
molding wall, 2nd floor bedroom
February DSC_7660
molding wall, 1st floor
February DSC_7664
home office
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