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at home

July DSC_8998
Larkdaisy 藍冠菊 or 菲律賓鈕扣花 Centratherum punctatum Cass.
July DSC_9000
Larkdaisy 藍冠菊 or 菲律賓鈕扣花 Centratherum punctatum Cass.
July DSC_9001
Larkdaisy 藍冠菊 or 菲律賓鈕扣花 Centratherum punctatum Cass.

Pristine office

July IMAG0005
view from Jingmei office
July IMAG0007
View from inside the office


July DSC_9003
Winged bean trellis on the eastern side of the house
July DSC_9004
Harvested cucumber for seed
July DSC_9005
Praying mantis on amaranth leaf vegetable
July DSC_9006
Praying mantis
July DSC_9007
Red leaf amaranth
July DSC_9010
White-green, orange, red chili from northern Thailand
July IMAG0010
Homemade pico de gallo with avocado
July IMAG0029
Home habanero
July IMAG0034
Pico de gallo is a regular item at home in the summer
July DSC_0518
pest control
July DSC_0520

morning dog walk to Lanxi stream 蘭溪

July DSC_0524
July DSC_0535
July DSC_0551
Weiwei at the stream
July DSC_0562
the valley and stream below our house
July DSC_0566
a tiny bug

Shiding 石碇 bike loop with Dan

July 20170711_064015
early departure from Garden City
July 20170711_081727
Dan crossing the bridge in Shiding 石碇
July 19984206_1124244331053269_8092044681852616693_o
Traditional Taiwanese farmhouse
July 19942610_1124244237719945_8025007518626668624_o
Extreme uplifted slabs of rock covered in vegetation; typical of the Shihding/Wutu area
July 20170711_083819
Dan gets tea from the Wutu 烏塗 recycling center
July 20170711_090130
False start on the 47-1
July 20023801_1124244311053271_9012335170281791024_o
Regrouping for uphill climb
July 19944280_1124244257719943_3758000985889935654_o
Home decorations Wutu 烏塗 village.

fan repair

July 20170713_093412
failed capacitor
July 20170713_224421
capacitor replaced

around Garden City 花園新城

July 20170714_081218
Malaysian Night Heron 黑冠麻鷺 (hēi guān má lù) Gorsachius melanolophus
July 20170714_083544
spider across the path
July 20170714_084435
new structure
July 20170714_084904
new roof
July 20170714_092451
July 20170714_092817
July 20170714_093955
rural trash burning
July IMAG0118
First set of decent jalapenos in the homegarden
July IMAG0119
July IMAG0120
Banana-walnut-blueberry pancakes made with no flour or eggs
July IMAG0121
With a butter-brown sugar syrup inflused with ginger and fresh-squeezed lemon juice added at the end
July DSC_9013
July DSC_9014

Garden City roof-top garden project

July IMAG0122
July IMAG0124
July IMAG0125
July IMAG0126
July IMAG0127
July IMAG0128
July IMAG0129
July IMAG0130
July IMAG0131
July IMAG0132
July IMAG0133
July IMAG0134
July strava_1092203993_1500519274673
morning ride n Xindian

evening drive home under clear skies

July IMAG0136
July IMAG0141
July IMAG0142
July IMAG0145

Guishan 龜山 run/swim with the dogs before the typhoon

July IMAG0146
July IMAG0147
July IMAG0148
July IMAG0149
July IMAG0150
July IMAG0151
July IMAG0155
July IMAG0156

home garden

July DSC_9018
July DSC_9022
July DSC_9023
July DSC_9024
July DSC_9029
July DSC_9030
July DSC_9031
July DSC_9032
July DSC_9033
July DSC_9034
July DSC_9035
July DSC_9037
July IMAG0166
July IMAG0168
July IMAG0171
July IMAG0172
July IMAG0173
July IMAG0174
July IMAG0175
July IMAG0178
July IMAG0181
July IMAG0185
July IMAG0186
July IMAG0189
July IMAG0191
July IMAG0192
Keywords: bike, bird, bridge, building, dog, flower, food, fruit, garden, geology, insect, mushroom, pollution, project, reptile, road, seed, sign, stream, vegetable, video
People: Dan, Philip
Locations: Asiadnet, 亞洲網, Garden City, 花園新城, Home, 家
Dates: 2017:07:03 - 2017:07:30