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April IMAG0020
our photo for real estate ad
April IMAG0023
old Taipei
April IMAG0024
old Taipei
April IMAG0025
work on Wulai hot springs 烏來溫泉
April IMAG0026
work on Wulai hot springs 烏來溫泉
April IMAG0027
work on Wulai hot springs 烏來溫泉
April VIDEO0002
work on Wulai hot springs 烏來溫泉
April DSC_8423
Golden Chaser 樹穴蜻蜓 Lyriothemis flava Oguma
April DSC_8425
Early spring and all is growing well
April DSC_0275
A bouquet of lettuce and flowers
April DSC_0279
A single head of lettuce grown in a six-inch pot adorned with nasturtium flowers

Tammy gathers with Yonghe Community College project manager and volunteers to plan out the next wave of plantings and changes at the Eco Herb Garden at the Yonghe No. 4 Park.

April DSC_8427
April DSC_8428
April DSC_8429
April DSC_8430
April DSC_8431
April DSC_8432
April DSC_8433
April DSC_8434
April DSC_8435
April DSC_8436
April DSC_8437
April DSC_8438
April DSC_8439
April DSC_8440
April DSC_8441

Muzha 木栅 bike loop with Dan through Shenkeng 深坑, Cao Nan 草湳 and Maokong 貓空

April IMG_8747
April IMG_8750
April IMG_8751
April erge
44.1 km ride in Mucha with Dan

Morning dog walk

April IMAG0080
April IMAG0082
April IMAG0085
April IMAG0092

Oven repair

April IMAG0101
oven repair and installation
April IMAG0093
oven plug

Spring morning in the home garden

April DSC_8442
Cukes, squashes, melons
April DSC_8443
Beans and squashes
April DSC_8444
Tomatoes and tomatillos
April DSC_8445
Plant factory
April DSC_8446
Premium growing area
April DSC_8447
April DSC_8448
Bee on dill flower / nasturtium flowers in background
April DSC_8449
Fennel and dill flowers
April DSC_8450
South African aloe-like plant in flower
April DSC_8451
Another premium growing area on east side
April IMAG0098

Return from Hunan

April DSC_8864
Noodles made with wheat grown using natural farming methods


April DSC_8866
plants going to seed
April DSC_8867
Seedlings needing to get planted out
April DSC_8868
April DSC_8870
Bright yellow nasturtium flower
April DSC_8871
A whole gaggle of nasturtium flowers
April DSC_8872
Lettuce to be harvested
April DSC_8874
Somebody has been snacking on the fennel seeds
April DSC_8875
This little cactus keeps on blooming
April DSC_8876
Light on a clear cool day
April DSC_8877
April DSC_8878
Comfrey in flower
April DSC_8880
Yellow iris
April DSC_8881
April DSC_8882
mulberry gin liquor

James' and Erika's farm

April DSC_8883
April DSC_8885
April DSC_8886
April DSC_8887
April DSC_8888
April DSC_8889
April DSC_8890
April DSC_8891
April DSC_8892
April DSC_8893
April DSC_8896
April DSC_8897
April DSC_8898
April DSC_8899
April DSC_8900
April DSC_8901
April DSC_8902


April DSC_8905
April DSC_8906
last of the lettuce, cool temperate herbs and nasturtiums
April DSC_8907
Tomatoes from James and Erika's Garden
April DSC_8909
Incredible beetroots
Keywords: GC Garden, bike, building, garden, hot springs, insect, map, photograph, project, sign, video
People: Dan, Philip
Locations: Caonan, 草湳, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Shenkeng, 深坑, Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2017:03:07 - 2017:04:29