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Hapen 哈盆 36815223_10214364244952374_6108626625258061824_n
Philip crossing a landslide
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2873
Peter crossing a landslide
Hapen 哈盆 36724762_10214364244512363_9079600141219921920_n
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
Hapen 哈盆 36742209_10214364243752344_5296058489762742272_n
going up the side canyon
Hapen 哈盆 36780767_10214364244352359_8839489333112078336_n
Bruce jumps in
Hapen 哈盆 36793099_10214364244672367_6085494751740559360_n
Philip floating
Hapen 哈盆 36838684_10214364243512338_2132729997251575808_n
Philip floating down the Nanshi stream 南勢溪
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2877
Bruce and Peter skipping rocks
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2878_960x540
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2879
side stream
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2881
Bruce working up the side stream
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2885
Bruce to the falls that block us
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2886
coming back down, starting to rain
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2888_960x540
Hapen 哈盆 GOPR2890_960x540

Hike up the Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 trail (Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道) with Philip, Bruce and Peter and float back down the Nanshih stream 南勢溪.


Pants search with Dan

Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1116
Taiwan Macaque 台灣獼猴 (táiwān míhóu) Macaca cyclopis
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1119
Dan crossing a slide in thetrail
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1122

Siqiye stream 斯其野溪

Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1125
looking up Siqiye stream 斯其野溪
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1126
Dan coming up the steep trail
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1133
irrigation canal
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1134
man-made reservoirs
Hapen 哈盆 IMG_2210
house number of the abandoned house at fish pond on stream

Drive back

Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1135
rainfall road - closing criteria
Hapen 哈盆 DSC_1136
distance to emergency shelters
Hapen 哈盆 20180704_110542
waited for about an hour for road work
Keywords: canyon, forest, landslide, mammal, river, road, sign, stream, trail, vehicle, video
People: Bruce, Dan, Peter, Philip
Locations: Fushan, 福山
Dates: 2018:07:01 - 2018:07:04