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May IMAG2471
Flower of a grass that I would like to identify.
May IMAG2475
May IMAG2477
May IMAG2478
Coffee in bloom
May IMAG2480
Coffee in bloom
May IMAG2483
May IMAG2485
Kenaf 大麻槿 Hibiscus cannabinus
May IMAG2491
Kenaf 大麻槿 Hibiscus cannabinus
May IMAG2492
Kenaf 大麻槿 Hibiscus cannabinus flower, strawberry and thyme clipping
May IMAG2494
native ground cover plants
May IMAG2495
blooming barrel cactus
May IMAG2497
The big cool to warm weather crop change over begins (with Weiwei)
May IMAG2502
the cool to warm weather crop change over with Weiwei (and Kanee trying to photo bomb)
May IMAG2504
Potting production area (broom discarded on the side of the road and brought home - I would never buy one ot these)
May IMAG2506
And time for a mid-afternoon snack and finishing off Philip's mulberry wine
May IMAG2509
weekend boaters at Bitan 碧潭
May IMAG2516
weekend boaters at Bitan 碧潭
May IMAG2519
May IMAG2521

Taipower Shulin project initial review

May IMAG2522
resource-ified waste explanation at taipower
May IMAG2523
May IMAG2524
May IMAG2525
May IMAG2526
May IMAG2527
May IMAG2528
May IMAG2529
May IMAG2530
May IMAG2531
May IMAG2532
May IMAG2533
May IMAG2534

Home stair cleaning disaster

May IMAG2536
harvested oregano
May IMAG2537
sorting seeds, red amaranth leaf
May IMAG2538
amaranth and marigold seeds
May IMAG2539
catching up with seed work
May IMAG2540
Stair cleaning fiasco - detritus sprayed into our patio
May IMAG2541
Only did a quarter of the stairs, but made a huge mess
May IMAG2542
Mess inside the yard
May IMAG2543
Meter plus high plants covered in dirt and sand
May IMAG2544
Clean stairs dirty plants
May IMAG2545
broke and damaged a large hibiscus plant
May IMAG2547
spray damaged nasturtium hanging down from the wall
May IMAG2548
Dirt covered squash plant high up on the wall
May IMAG2550
Unfinished job left on the bottom part of the stairs
May IMAG2551
Spray damaged sweet potato leaves
May IMAG2552
Spray damaged sweet potato leaves and day lilly

Office wasp nest

May IMAG2656

Home Garden

May IMAG2657
view of the clump of plants near the gate
May IMAG2658
lettuce and nasturtium spent, summer greens going in next
May IMAG2659
squash and winged beans; still some struggling in this intense spot
May IMAG2660
ground dwellers doing better with extra moisture
May IMAG2661
productive south facing half day plus
May IMAG2662
nursing last of cool season plants for seed keeping
May IMAG2663
strawberry plant is trying to find way to expand
May IMAG2664
very productive north side that runs east-west
May IMAG2665
another view of north side
May IMAG2667
pineapple plant grown in pot at the office needs to be planted out
May IMAG2668
jalapenos and sweet basil
May IMAG2670
May IMAG2671
May IMAG2672
last of the rosa lettuce
May IMAG2673
second crop of beets almost ready for harvest
May IMAG2674
basil nursery

Honghegu 紅河谷

May 20180518_094333
Honghegu 紅河谷
May 20180518_094400
Weiwei in the dry river bed
May 20180518_094406
Jiajiuliao 加九寮 bridge
May 20180518_095213
wild amaranth in the stream bed
May 20180518_095511
deep enough to get wet
May 20180518_095823-100155
dogs exploring the stream
May 20180518_100032
sun protection
May 20180518_100433-100443
dogs in the stream
May 20180518_101917
encouraging Kanie to swim

Wading and swimming with the dogs in the Honghegu 紅河谷 area just north of Wulai 烏來 to beat the heat.

May IMAG2677
May IMAG2680

Beitou site consultation

May IMAG2681
May IMAG2682
May IMAG2683
May IMAG2684
May IMAG2685
May IMAG2686
May IMAG2687
May IMAG2688
May IMAG2689
May IMAG2690
May IMAG2691
May IMAG2692
May IMAG2693
May IMAG2694
May IMAG2695
May IMAG2696
May IMAG2697
May IMAG2698
May IMAG2699
May IMAG2700
May IMAG2702
May IMAG2703
May IMAG2704
May IMAG2705
May IMAG2706
May IMAG2707

Parents of very rich people who want their children to have interaction with nature have rented the site for an alternative education project.

May IMAG2708
May IMAG2709
May IMAG2711
May IMAG2712
May IMAG2714

Philip and James getting basic rainwater harvesting going at home.

Xindian 新店

May 20180521_143159
LiuGong canal 塯公圳
May IMAG2715
May IMAG2720
May IMAG2721
May IMAG2722
May IMAG2723
May IMAG2725
May IMAG2731
May IMAG2732
May IMAG2750
Installing tire pond
May IMAG2751
volunteers mingle in the garden
May IMAG2752
May IMAG2754
first stage of pond completed
May IMAG2755
volunteers mingling in the garden
May IMAG2757
May IMAG2759
honeycomb bee food herbs
May IMAG2760
May IMAG2762
Kaffir lime
May IMAG2763
Pigeon pea tree going strong
May IMAG2765
fennel flowers
May IMAG2766
Thai hot and sour noodle soup and fried rice

Beitou site consultation

Parents of very rich people who want their children to have interaction with nature have rented the site for an alternative education project.

Philip and James getting basic rainwater harvesting going at home.

Keywords: bridge, dog, edible landscape, flower, food, garden, park, plant, seed, shulin, stream, video
Locations: Jiajiuliao, 加九寮, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2018:05:03 - 2018:05:31