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Organized for the Yonghe Community College, I joined an outing to this small Atayal community in the mountains of Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County not far from 小烏來. It was fun and informative and I learned quite a bit about the hunting culture of this community. Afterwards, we visited their young organic Taiwan kiwi orchard that has just begun producing and will be ready for market next year.

Piyaway IMAG4263
Piyaway IMAG4264
Curious to know what is cooked in this?
Piyaway IMAG4265
The inside "pan"
Piyaway IMAG4266
below the Luofu Bridge
Piyaway IMAG4267
Piyaway IMAG4268
buffet at Piyaway
Piyaway IMAG4270
dish of ginger, plums and bitter melon
Piyaway IMAG4271
Cooked chicken garnished with onions and encircled with persimmons
Piyaway IMAG4273
stems of wild mountain celery cooked with mushroom and garlic
Piyaway IMAG4274
local cultivated landscape
Piyaway IMAG4277
barbecue area and nice stonework
Piyaway IMAG4278
Outdoor dining area;
Piyaway IMAG4279
Local language
Piyaway IMAG4280
Landscape model
Piyaway IMAG4282
Our hunter guide and community leader
Piyaway IMAG4283
Sign of wild boar
Piyaway IMAG4289
small plant with white flower
Piyaway IMAG4291
old tree with epiphytes
Piyaway IMAG4293
Hunter guide tellis us about ferns/ephytes
Piyaway IMAG4294
Teaching us about ephiphytes, ferns, wild medicine
Piyaway IMAG4298
trap for hunting small animals
Piyaway IMAG4302
trap for catching (smashing) small birds/animals
Piyaway IMAG4303
Piyaway IMAG4308
trap for snaring medium animals
Piyaway IMAG4310
trap for catching several animals in active area
Piyaway IMAG4315
trap for snaring animals
Piyaway IMAG4317
active animals area on saddle
Piyaway IMAG4318
flying squirrel trap
Piyaway VIDEO0073_854x480
Lora Lai gets into the swing
Piyaway VIDEO0074_854x480
Getting ready to swing
Piyaway VIDEO0075_854x480
Swinging and climbing
Piyaway VIDEO0076_854x480
Playing Tarzan
Piyaway IMAG4320
edible fungus wood ear
Piyaway IMAG4321
leguminous vine emerging
Piyaway IMAG4323
Piyaway IMAG4324
Piyaway IMAG4325
Piyaway IMAG4328
Piyaway IMAG4329
curious landscaping in bowl above road
Piyaway IMAG4330
looking east from the hunter's trail
Piyaway IMAG4331
Piyaway IMAG4332
small hamlets here and there
Piyaway IMAG4334
Youhan introducing kiwi orchard
Piyaway IMAG4340
kiwi pickers
Piyaway IMAG4341
Piyaway IMAG4343
native violet and farmer's friend
Piyaway IMAG4344
sticky rice mixed with banana steamed in banana leaf
Keywords: food, fruit, plant, tree, video
Dates: 2018:10:06 - 2018:10:07