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Flowers at home

May DSC_1754
moth orchid 蝴蝶蘭 (hú dié lán) Phalaenopsis
May DSC_1755
May DSC_1757
coffee flower
May DSC_1758
coconut pie orchid 腋唇蘭 (yè chún lán) Maxillaria tenuifolia
May DSC_1760
aloe flower
May DSC_1762
bougainvillea 九重葛 (jiǔ chóng gé) flower
May IMAG5709
moth orchid 蝴蝶蘭 (hú dié lán) Phalaenopsis
May IMAG5729
Chile production at the Yonghe riverside farm

Jackfruit 菠蘿蜜

May IMG_20190512_112252_5
young jackfruit 菠蘿蜜 (bō luó mì) Artocarpus heterophyllus

Jackfruit tree is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 55 kg in weight, 90 cm in length, and 50 cm in diameter.A mature jackfruit tree can produce about 100 to 200 fruits in a year. The jackfruit is a multiple fruit, composed of hundreds to thousands of individual flowers, and the fleshy petals are eaten. The blooming time ranges from December until February or March. The fruit matures during the rainy season from July to August.

Rat released

May VID_20190512_113327_854x480
rat escape (video)

Yonghe riverside farm 永和社大教學實驗農場

May IMAG5739
Rainwater harvesting upgrade at the Yonghe riverside farm

Birds from home at dusk

May DSC_1765
black bulbul
May DSC_1770
coffee flowers
May DSC_1777
Formosan whistling thrush
May DSC_1789
Japanese white-eye
May DSC_1800
black bulbul
May DSC_1821
May DSC_1823
scimitar babbler looking for offspring

Work to repair leak at home, 5/22

May IMAG5774
Clelea formosana 蓬萊藍紋斑蛾 (péng lái lán wén bān é) endemic
May DSC_1830
upstairs bedroom before work starts
May DSC_1832
upstairs bedroom before work starts
May DSC_1833
outside before work starts
May DSC_1837
downstairs before work starts
May DSC_1844
breakfast before work starts
May DSC_1846
upstairs bedroom west wall
May DSC_1847
upstairs bedroom east wall
May DSC_1851
upstairs bedroom
May DSC_1852
scaffolding up
May DSC_1858
upstairs bedroom
May DSC_1864
downstairs east wall

Leak repair day 2, 5/23

May DSC_1871
upstairs bedroom
May DSC_1872
upstairs bedroom west wall
May DSC_1875
upstairs bedroom east wall
May DSC_1879
downstairs east wall
May DSC_1881
downstairs west wall
May DSC_1883
the mess of work
May DSC_1885
a leaking pipe uncovered
May DSC_1888
close-up of wet pipe
May DSC_1890
Murray castle
May DSC_1894
scaffolding from outside gate
May DSC_1896
scaffolding from lower street

Sikanshui 四坎水 foraging tour

May 60919340_440770756723597_6062422556793634816_n
May 61367848_343572319638033_7130317109237645312_n
May DSC_1899
five-leaf ginseng 絞股藍 (jiǎo gǔ lán" - twisting blue plant") Gynostemma pentaphyllum with aerial roots
May DSC_1904
unidentified Nymphalidae
May DSC_1909
May DSC_1911
May DSC_1915
Hardy wild ginger 山月桃 (shān yuè táo) Alpinia intermedia flowering
May 60817735_2377410159247287_5008926581561753600_n
May DSC_1916
Dancing Crane Cobra Lily 羽葉天南星 (yǔ yè tiān nán xīng) Arisaema heterophyllum Blume
May 61090648_603712770106197_3219366678873767936_n
May 61135592_2173094779410944_8096901882909294592_n
May 61211558_2589090981118719_1661315005317906432_n
May 61390800_505297180213689_9163947277369212928_n
May 61394677_1019102748480620_276574221457424384_n
May DSC_1919
nightshade, but is it edible or toxic
May DSC_1920
Common melastoma 野牡丹 (yě mǔ dān) Melastoma malabathricum
May DSC_1921
nightshade, but is it edible or toxic
May DSC_1924
May DSC_1926
nightshade, but is it edible or toxic
May DSC_1927
Emma, the videographer, Alexandre and I
May DSC_1929
Claire soaking her feet in a stream
May DSC_1932
Some of our crew for a walk to Sikanshui
May DSC_1934

Garden City

May IMAG5799
fungi growing on grafted cherry trees - Polyporus?
May IMAG5800
fungi growing on grafted cherry trees
May IMAG5801
fungi growing on grafted cherry trees
May IMAG5806
double lobed leaf vine
May IMAG5807
ficus root clump
May IMAG5808
Polyporus? fungus, growing not from a cherry tree
May IMAG5809
Seasonal vegetables - Malabar and Okinawa spinach, carrots, winged bean, green onion greens, and sweet green chilies
May IMG_20190529_070017_4
terrestrial pulmonate gastropod

the leak is found

May IMG_0738-739_854x480
the leak is found (video)
May DSC_1937
upstairs bedroom
May DSC_1941
sliding door rails placed
May DSC_1943
electrical wiring in PVC pipes in the walls
May DSC_1944
site of the leak
May DSC_1946
wall removed to third floor balcony
May DSC_1953
a broken pipe fixed finally
May DSC_1954
neoghbors' yard from above
May DSC_1959
cavity where a forgotten cement form rotted away
May DSC_1961
where the decorative alcove pool was removed
May DSC_1962
front rain gutter parts

Around the house

May home-flood_854x480
Plum rains storm home flood (video)
May IMG_20190601_220712_3
moth at night
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People: Tammy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2019:05:06 - 2019:06:01