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Garden City

April VIDEO0003-4
Construction site development (video)
April time-lapse
Construction site development (video)
April IMG_20200407_105351_0005
Looking over Garden City toward Guangxing
April IMG_20200407_105601_0007
Looking toward Xiaocukeng
April IMG_20200407_105409_0006
Garden City
April VID_20200410_133611_0013-cut
Road 7 construction earth work

Zoo 動物園 - Pingxi 平溪 - Hans 手作 bike loop

April IMG_20200418_070948_7
for animals
April IMG_20200418_081456_4
for bureaucrats
April IMG_20200418_081833_9
for tourists
April IMG_20200418_082055_1
April IMG_20200418_082736_5
April IMG_20200418_082846_2
April IMG_20200418_083216_1
for breakfast
April IMG_20200418_103145_7
for inspiration
April IMG_20200418_105420_9
tea on the road
April IMG_20200418_134245_5
April IMG_20200418_134507_7
tea on the mountain
April IMG_20200418_143533_1
April Pingxi
動物園 - Pingxi 平溪 - Hans

Seldom seen so many people out on the roads. We are all still exercising caution, but measures seem effective and spring is here! Passing a group of cyclists, the leader asked if it was boring to ride alone.

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Keywords: aerial, bike, map, road seven construction, video
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2020:04:07 - 2020:04:30