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Guangxing 廣興 and Quchi 屈尺

May guangxing-pups-20200505
pups running in the water below the Guangxing bridge (video)
May IMG_20200506_110028_2
pups below the Guangxing bridge
May quchi-20200508_1280x720_auto
Quchi 屈尺 construction project fly over (video)

Home shelf repair

May IMG_20200510_121737_5
Center rear post of shelves is puncturing the floor
May IMAG0764
repaired shelf
May IMAG0766
earthquake bracket
May IMAG0768
steel sleds distribute the shelf weight across the floor

at home

May IMAG0769
Keywords: aerial, bridge, building, dog, flight, food, project, river, road, video
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Guishan, 龜山, Quchi, 屈尺
Dates: 2020:05:05 - 2020:05:11