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at home

May IMAG0609_1

Guangxing 廣興 and Quchi 屈尺

May guangxing-pups-20200505
pups running in the water below the Guangxing bridge (video)
May IMG_20200506_110028
pups below the Guangxing bridge
May quchi-20200508_1280x720_auto
Quchi 屈尺 construction project fly over (video)

Home shelf repair

May IMG_20200510_121737
Center rear post of shelves is puncturing the floor
May IMG_20200510_121739
May IMAG0764_4
repaired shelf
May IMAG0766_3
earthquake bracket
May IMAG0768
steel sleds distribute the shelf weight across the floor

at home

May IMAG0769
May IMAG0772
May IMAG0773

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

May VID_20200513_095131_0004_960x540
Guangxing Wetlands (video)
May 96142852_303794867319712_1226094291198148608_n_1

at home

May IMAG0776
May IMAG0780
May 96510219_568180394097338_141453390684094464_n_1
May 96515921_349600116012845_1690644460808962048_n_1
May 96815494_2297729463861994_6751760418345058304_n_1
May IMAG0781
May IMAG0782
May IMAG0783
May IMAG0784
May IMAG0785
May IMAG0788
May IMAG0789
May IMAG0790
May IMAG0791
May IMAG0792
May IMAG0793

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

May IMAG0795
May IMAG0797
May IMAG0798
May IMAG0800

Rain flooding at home

May IMG_20200529_140036_8
May IMG_20200529_140048_0
May IMG_20200529_140235_1
May IMG_20200529_140241_0
May IMG_20200529_140253_9
May IMG_20200529_140420_7
May VID_20200529_185102_0009
dusk over road seven
Keywords: aerial, bridge, building, dog, flight, food, project, river, road, video
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Guangxing, 廣興, Guishan, 龜山, Quchi, 屈尺
Dates: 2020:04:30 - 2020:05:29