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FuShan 福山 warmup 6/18

We meet at New Garden City 花園新城 in Xindian 新店 leaving by 7:30 AM. We park at the end of the upper road above (east of) Fushan 福山 so we can hike further up the valley where the river will be reasonably navigable. We walk east under overcast weather in lush second growth forest on the Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺. The forest is wet and the trail sometimes muddy from the past week's daily downpours. At 10:00 we drop down to the river. Kitty and Tammy walk back on the trail. Bruce, Jack and Philip head down the river. We are back to the car before 4:00

Fushan area Maps

SanGuang river 三光溪 Fushan_hike
Kalamoji trail 卡拉莫基步道 (Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道)
SanGuang river 三光溪 Fushan_topo
Fushan area hiking map
SanGuang river 三光溪 Fushan_tm2
2m Landsat of Fushan area

Waypoints (numbered on map)

19:00 AM3036332740824On trail at top of large landslide
29:02 AM3036242740781Turn-off to weather station
39:59 AM3044932740395Down to river
412:20 PM3039682740245Deep pool in bend
52:19 PM3026532740622Rest spot
62:53 PM3024372740616Up to trail

Search for giant waterfall on SanGuang river (三光溪) 7/2

We meet and leave from HsinTian 新店 at 5:30AM. We drive to Dahsi 大溪 in Taoyuan 桃園, taking the 7 北橫 - North Cross island highway east to Baling 巴陵, arriving in Xuanyuan 萱源 by 7:00AM. The weather is clear and we have cloudless views of the Xueshan range 雪山山脈. We take a quick drive further along the 7 toward the trail down to Siling hot springs 四陵溫泉, but don't see any other trails that might bring us down closer to the waterfall.

SanGuang river 三光溪 sanguang_topo
25k topo map of Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0052
endangered butterflies in the Xuanyuan 萱源 area
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0053
at the Xuanyuan 萱源 trailhead
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0054
Crocus Tritonia 觀音蘭 (guān yīn lán) Crocosmia crocosmiiflora
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0056
down into the gorge
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0058
Bruce and Jack look over the gorge
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0060
Bruce on the steep trail down to the Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0061
almost down to the Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0063
transition form hiking to tracing
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0064
short break before getting in the river
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0065
Sanguang River 三光溪

We start hiking down at 8:20. From an open area at the bend in the road near the 57.5k mark, a steep but easy trail heads down to the Sanguang river. About 5 mins in, a trail branches off to the right going westward towards the Hagawan suspension bridge 哈嗄彎吊橋. We take the left fork continuing southward, on the same trail that Bruce and Jack ran into bees on, on the way down, and then ants on the way back up, years ago. After another five minutes, we skirt a large landslide going all the way down to the river to the south. We get to the river at 8:55 and change into river gear and stow or dry hiking gear for the return. We start on our way upstream at 9:15.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0067
a waterfall
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0069
Jack on the Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0070
climbing over a slot
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0071
Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0074
Bruce watches Jack flush down
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0081
Sanguang River 三光溪

Jack tests the water in a narrows, bordered by a high shelf. 9:45.

We arrive at a confluence with Galahe 嘎拉賀溪 stream from the south contributing roughly half the river volume at 10:30.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0082
Confluence of Galahe 嘎拉賀溪 and Sanguang 三光溪 streams
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0083
Confluence of Galahe 嘎拉賀溪 and Sanguang 三光溪 streams

A disturbed stretch presents challenges. 11:30.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0084
Sanguang River 三光溪

In some areas, the geology is so active, that the canyon face is raining light debris constantly.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0086
Jack crossing on a tree
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0090
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0091
big rocks
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0092
Bruce swimming
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0093
Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0094
Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0095
Sanguang river 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0097
Sanguang river 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0098
Swimming at a waterfall and pool
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0102
Bruce jumps

Another bend with pool and deep waterfall. 12:35. Though we are approaching our turn-around time and storm clouds are gathering, we decide to push on to find the giant waterfall after consulting our maps.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0104
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0105
Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0106
Tieshan waterfall 鐵柵瀑布
SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0107
Tieshan waterfall 鐵柵瀑布

At 2:00 PM we arrive at the waterfall which has been reconfigured by geology. The giant pool has been filled in by a landslide and sharp rocks below the waterfall make jumping the waterfall questionable. This would still be a tricky point to hike through. We head back quickly as the thunderstorm approaches. It rains but no very hard. We are back at the bottom of the trail we came down at 5:45.

SanGuang river 三光溪 DSCN0108

SanGuang Maps

SanGuang river 三光溪 sanguang_sat
2m Landsat of Sanguang River 三光溪
SanGuang river 三光溪 ws_danshui
Danshui 淡水溪 watershed map
SanGuang river 三光溪 sanguang_hike
Sanguang River 三光溪 map
19:45 AM2901142727187Starting point on river
210:40 AM2905142727015Confluence with stream towards Xinxing
312:35 AM29185812725999Bend with pool and waterfall
413:55 PM2927482726525Giant waterfall

光華 Guanghua village (哈嗄彎) (Ha-ga-wan)
哈嗄彎吊橋 Hagawan suspension bridge
光華道路 Guanghua road
大漢橋 Dahan bridge
鐵珊瀑布 TieShan waterfall
蟠龍谷 PanLong Canyon
三光溪 SanGuang river
四陵, 四陵溫泉 Siling, Siling hot springs
萱源 Xuanyuan
新興 Xinxing village (嗄拉賀) (Ga-la-he), 新興溫泉 Xinxing hot springs
西村 XiCun (West village)
台七, 省7, 七號公路, 北部橫貫公路, 北橫 Northern Cross-island Highway
大漢守衛站 Dahan observation station
Keywords: butterfly, canyon, flower, hike, landslide, map, river, rock, sign, trail, tree, vehicle, waterfall
People: Bruce, Jack, Philip
Locations: Fushan, 福山
Dates: 2005:06:18 - 2005:07:02