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March DSC_7082
March DSC_7085
March nasturtium_salad_cheryle_bday
Nastrtiums (by Cheryl)

Morning loop through Shiding 石碇. Meet Bruce Jack and Peter near Pingxi 平溪

March DSC00010
sunrise in Qingtan 青潭
March DSC00012
sunrise over Qingtan 青潭
March DSC00013
sunrise over Qingtan 青潭
March DSC00015
Mucha 木柵
March DSC00020
Mucha 木柵
March DSC00022
on the 106 toward 平溪
March DSC00023
on the 106 toward 平溪
March DSC00025
March DSC00028
waiting for Bruce, Peter and Jack
March DSC00031
Guangming Rd 光明路 to Nangang 南港
March DSC00033
Shiding 石碇
March DSC00036
highway over Shiding 石碇
March DSC_7088
March DSC00039
二格山自然中心 K2 nature center
March DSC00042
ErGeTou, 9 toward Pinglin 坪林
March DSC00044
road into the reservoir?
March DSC00046
looking north toward Shiding 石碇
March DSC00048
on the 9 above Shiding 石碇
March DSC00050
descent back to Xindian 新店
March DSC00052
Highway 9, 北宜公路
March Shiding
71.5 k Shiding 石碇 loop


March DSC_7669
March DSC_7673

Leafhopper power lead repair

March DSC_7653
exposed power lead
March DSC_7675
re-shrink wrapped
March DSC_7678
Zaggometry connections
March DSC_7681
resoldered power lead


March DSC_7701

Banana harvest 台灣芭蕉 (táiwān bājiāo), 山芎蕉 (shān qiōng jiāo) Musa basjoo formosana - Competing with the squirrels, we've managed to keep a little more than half of the bajiaos, but they got the better half. We had to wash them to clean off the mess that the squirrels had made.

March DSC_7128
March DSC_7702
March DSC_7130
March DSC_7132
March DSC_7718
Keywords: bike, flower, fruit, map, project, road, sign, tunnel
People: Philip
Locations: Asiadnet, 亞洲網, Garden City, 花園新城, Home, 家, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2016:03:03 - 2016:03:29