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October IMAG0963
peppers and eggplants
October DSC_0601
toilet lizard

Explore of Xiaokeng roads 小坑路

October IMAG0972
October IMAG0973
Quchi dam 屈尺壩
October DSC_0602
Quchi dam 屈尺壩
October IMAG0975
Taipower Guishan Hydroelectric Plant 台灣電力公司桂山發電廠
October DSC_0603
October IMAG0976
October IMAG0977
Quchi 屈尺
October IMAG0978
betelnut plantation
October IMAG0980
Guangxing 廣興
October IMAG0982
October IMAG0984
October IMAG0990
Mengmenggu 濛濛谷
October IMAG0994
October DSC_0612
Mengmenggu 濛濛谷
October IMAG0997
October DSC_0618
Xindian and Taipei beyond Mengmenggu 濛濛谷
October IMAG1007
October IMAG1008
Character culture
October IMAG1009
October IMAG1010
October IMAG1012
October IMAG1013
October IMAG1014
October IMAG1016
New Shop Creek!
October IMAG1018
October 20171013_163457

Walk into Sikanshui 四崁水 with Justin

October 20171021_133517
October 20171021_133648
Formosan condor vine 台灣牛彌菜 (táiwān niú mí cài) Marsdenia formosana Masam.
October 20171021_133908
Formosan condor vine 台灣牛彌菜 (táiwān niú mí cài) Marsdenia formosana Masam.

Yonghe Daxinli 永和 大新里 residents building their edible garden

October IMAG1031
October IMAG1034
October IMAG1035

Girls marking the closing of Grandma Nitti's with Rainbow

October IMAG1046
dinner at Grandma Nitti's
October IMAG1052
dinner at Grandma Nitti's
October IMAG1061
Rainbow's dogs

at home

October IMAG1064
October 20171025_124558
October IMAG1065
October IMAG1067
October DSC_0626
October DSC_0628
October DSC_0629
October DSC_0630
October IMAG1071
October IMAG1072
October IMAG1075
Keywords: building, dam, dog, food, fruit, garden, polyculture, reptile, river, road, sign, trail, water
People: Cheryl, Constance, Elaine, Jason, Patricia, Rainbow, Roma, Sarah, Tammy
Locations: Guangxing, 廣興
Dates: 2017:10:09 - 2017:10:30