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October IMAG4262
October 4311441881_strava_1538587558983_854x480
Circuitous commute with Dan

Wednesday morning 3 October 2018, Philip rides to my door, and we do a moderate loop to Nangang - Fine Arts Museum - Xindian River - lunch, then we go our separate ways to start our work days. Heavy cloud cover due to an approaching major typhoon; alternated getting sprinkled on and basking in the sun, and fighting intense headwinds and drafting on nice tailwinds. We do 56 km (35 miles) and climb a total of 622 m (2040 feet).

Fushan 福山 hike

October DSC00003a
Corina, Mario, Jessie and Greg
October DSC00004
Mario and Greg at the beach crossing
October DSC00005
looking down stream
October DSC00009
the beach

Walk out to second new slide on the Hapen 哈盆 trail with Greg and Jessie and their friends Corina and Mario. We decide to turn around at the second slide and go nack down to the old beach site. Greg, Philip and Mario trace upstream and swim back in bracing cool water under grey skies. The Nanshi stream 南勢溪 current is high and especially powerful from rain over the last week.

Dryer repair

October DSC_1311
dryer hot air duct
October DSC_1312
blower fan
October DSC_1318
dryer electrical schematic
October DSC_1322
blower fan motor
October DSC_1345
run coil open, suspect thermal fuse
October DSC_1351
motor in press-fit casing
October DSC_1356
windings exposed
October DSC_1358
bulge in run coil lead is fuse
October DSC_1363
failed thermal fuse - SF129E 133C 10A 250V

The clothes dryer is making a burning smell. Investigation reveals the hot air blower fan is not running. The hot air duct is packed with lint, which may have caused the motor to overheat and the thermal protection fuse in the motor windings to blow, shutting down the motor. In this case the motor is often discarded as failed. However, replacing a one-cent fuse can bring the otherwise fine motor back to service.

October DSC_1368
drawing away soldering heat to not blow new fuse
October DSC_1372
replacement fuse wired
October DSC_1374
epoxy wire stress relief
October DSC_1376
squirrel cage reassembled

Garden City pollution survey

October 2832534091_strava_1539531570883_854x480
Checking sources of rubbish burning in the neighborhood
October IMAG0027
October IMAG0029
October IMAG0031
October IMAG0036


October DSC_1378
frames with canvases removed
October IMAG4365
October IMAG4368
October DSC_1390
Burmese pu'er

Bike ride to north coast with Guga and Justin

October GOPR3168
CKS Memorial
October GOPR3173
busy rendezvous at National Palace Museum 故宮
October GOPR3176
first flat
October GOPR3180
Yangmingshan 陽明山
October GOPR3181
October GOPR3184
wet mushrroms
October GOPR3187_854x480
12 C and wet Yangmingshan 陽明山
October GOPR3190
cold and foggy on Yangmingshan 陽明山
October GOPR3192
fog at the top
October GOPR3194
down to the north coast
October GOPR3200
second flat on Macao 馬槽 bridge
October GOPR3202
view toward Macao 馬槽
October GOPR3203
repair complete Macao 馬槽 bridge
October GOPR3213
Macao 馬槽
October GOPR3215_854x480
repair on Macao 馬槽 bridge
October mZfkwtCUqZrG9l5cYS_SIqd9pNaOLKz2h7FvZy-OCs4-2048x1539
to the coast
October GOPR3216_854x480
Yehliu Harbor 野柳漁港
October GOPR3217_854x480
Yehliu 野柳 to Wanli 萬里
October GOPR3220
fresh landslide
October GOPR3224
on the 29
October GOPR3225
Five fingers 五指山
October GOPR3233
Mucha cemetary, incinerator and zoo
October GOPR3236_854x480
Mucha recycling plant
October GOPR3241
Zhengda 政大 in Mucha 木柵
October 8925057191_strava_1540096013452_854x480
137 km over a sleepy volcano to the ocean

Garden City

October DSC_1414
tea with Alan
October 4355357291_strava_1540518136716_854x480
first run (with Kannie)
October 2947000391_strava_1540649211115_854x480
looking for trail up hill opposite house
October DSC00003
Lasianthus wallichii Wight 圓葉雞屎樹 (yuán yè jī shǐ shù)
October 2133242391_strava_1540744330490_854x480
2018 貓空路跑
October IMAG0040
illuminating the risks of elections
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People: Alan, Guga, Justin, Philip
Locations: Caonan, 草湳, Dadaocheng, 大稻埕, Fushan, 福山, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Home, 家, Neihu, 內湖, Shenkeng, 深坑, Yangmingshan, 陽明山
Dates: 2018:10:02 - 2018:10:29