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Cherry blossoms at Garden City

Spring IMAG1562
cherry blossom gawkers
Spring IMAG1566
cherry blossom gawkers

Garden City

Spring 20180124_085241
Kanie has recovered
Spring 20180129_190016
Spring 20180129_190022

Dremel Repair

Spring DSC_0804
armateur coupling has disintegrated
Spring DSC_0805
Spring DSC_0812
replaced with section of rubber gas hose

Tane downstairs with us for seven weeks as James and Erika marry in New Zealand

Spring DSC_0818
Tane in the garage
Spring DSC_0819
Weiwei in the garage
Spring 20180209_114959
Tane dreaming of New Zealand

Coffee pot handle repair

Spring DSC_0821
replacement handle from crepe myrtle branch
Spring DSC_0829
reassembled pot


Spring IMAG1774
Simple omelette

Simple omelette and salad dinner with lots of goodies from the home garden

Weeding visit to James and Erika's garden

Spring 20180216_162244
Spring 20180216_162253
Spring IMAG1777
Stefani's roommates come along to help weed
Spring 20180216_162823
土半夏 Typhonium blumei
Spring 20180216_163204
visit to James & Erika's garden

We visit James & Erika's garden to check on things while they are away getting married in New Zealand.

After finishing in the plot we drive up Pingguang Rd 平廣路 over Lion's Head mountain 獅頭山 to show Stefani's visiting roommates more of Taiwan's natural environment. We saw a ferret-badger and a masked palm civet just after sunset, missing the latter by centimeters with our vehicle. Before dark on a walk on the trail to Lion's Head mountain 獅頭山, we also also saw signs of pangolins - freshly dug holes under tree roots in clay soil. I hope that these mammals continue to avoid dogs and cars and traps and enjoy their spring in this new year of the dog.

Xindian 新店 bike ride

Spring 20180224_065047
lower garden city
Spring 20180224_065916
Quchi 屈尺
Spring 20180224_070719
lower Gweishan 龜山
Spring 20180224_081516
Tongho stream 桶後溪
Spring 20180224_082002
Aiyu waterfall 阿玉瀑布
Spring 20180224_082523
Tongho stream 桶後溪
Spring 20180224_085307
typhoon Soudelour road repairs
Spring 20180224_085330
typhoon Soudelour road repairs
Spring 20180224_085336
work rules
Spring 20180224_085630
end of Tongho road 桶后林道
Spring 20180224_091643
Tongho road 桶后林道, 9k
Spring 20180224_105139
end of the road for bikes
Spring 20180224_105702
Spring 20180224_105950
cherry blossoms
Spring 20180224_110310
Neidong Forest Road 內洞林道
Spring 20180224_110704
mountain bees
Spring 20180224_113604
back to Wulai 烏來
Spring tongho_map
69k ride in Xindian 新店
Spring 8780872241_strava_1519456117411_854x480
69k ride in Xindian 新店

Xindian 新店 - Wulai 烏來 Xiaoyi 孝義 - Tongho 桶后 - Neidong 內洞 - Wulai 烏來 - Xindian 新店 bike ride in light rain

at home

Spring IMAG1838
Spring 20180303_073639-closeup
Spring IMAG1941
curry sweet potato, black bean and rice patties

Garden City Community Garden visit

Spring IMAG1942
2-year absence produced lots of biomass
Spring IMAG1945
Lots of biomass for sheet mulching
Spring IMAG1946
The understory is relatively clear
Spring IMAG1948
pineapple and pittaya
Spring IMAG1950
Path still clear; chickens?
Spring IMAG1951
Shell Ginger and native agrimony
Spring IMAG1952
Lost toys and rubbish still fall down from homesteads above
Spring IMAG1954
Compost bin where the chickens hang out
Spring IMAG1955
Thick clump of bajiaos
Spring IMAG1956
Future mulch
Spring IMAG1957
Some trees pierced the canopy of chuanchi and heshouwu
Spring IMAG1958
Canistel, bajiao, coconut cream pudding

Ride northeast with Guga

Spring 20180304_062435
Spring 20180304_075636
Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布
Spring 20180304_075727
Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布
Spring Lc1ZTCfQru7pBxQyOzyzV5U2hWdjlx7tEuALw0i5dok-2048x1536
Spring 5RV3h_bkKIGcuxqWChIULobiNTYORGNjGWhewWCVk4U-2048x1539
Spring 20180304_102835
Spring 20180304_102846
Spring h2eU5DKRTNjw2rrVDcg2dU-9rfzDmIETz9Bn4NEq9-s-2048x1536
Spring 7479715341_strava_1520156699591
135k Five Finger mountain 五指山 loop with Guga
Spring 20180304_141925
Spring 7479715341_strava_1520156699591_854x480
135k Five Finger mountain 五指山 loop with Guga

Rode out to Pingxi 平溪 to meet Bruce, Peter and Jack, but did not meet them. Ran into Guga accidentally, so rode with Guga - Pingxi 平溪, Shifen 十分, Keelung 基隆, Five fingers 五指山, Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院, Riverside 河濱公園 back Xindian 新店.

Spring IMAG1961
the long wall garden
Spring IMAG1962
Spring IMAG1963
Haven't done a thing to these beds since I planted them in December

Home garden

Spring IMAG1965
Turkish red eggplant flower
Spring IMAG1966
another kind of orange eggplant
Spring IMAG1967
strawberry - rare for our hot humid conditions
Spring IMAG1968
Asparagus getting started
Spring IMAG1970
Arugula still going strong
Spring IMAG1971
Purple mustard plant and romaine
Spring IMAG1972
Marigold did very well this year
Spring IMAG1973
stacking space for maximum light
Spring IMAG1974
polyculture of lettuces and coriander
Spring IMAG1975
Spring IMAG1976
Spring IMAG1977
First time flowering/fruiting for this pomelo tree
Spring IMAG1978
I hope that these blossoms turn into fruit
Spring IMAG1981
compost volunteers: squash and tomato
Spring IMAG1982
area next to the house that I am gradually turning into a forest garden
Spring IMAG1987
tomato structure
Spring IMAG1988
Building trellises
Spring IMAG1989
Spring IMAG1990
Spring IMAG1992
trellis area for summer
Spring IMAG1994
bumble bee on pomelo flower
Spring IMAG2033
root of a running bamboo
Spring IMAG2034
new bamboo shoots

Home projects

Spring DSC_0861
repairing drill reversing switch
Spring DSC_0864
local mead

Sanxia 三峽 bike loop with Bruce

Spring 20180317_084400
dogs in the riverside park
Spring 20180317_103703
goats in the riverside park
Spring 20180317_104722
Bruce checking the route
Spring 20180317_121428
Spring 20180317_122625
Spring 20180317_124045
108 intersection
Spring 20180317_130523
Spring 20180317_131130
Spring 20180317_140454
安坑 farms
Spring 20180317_141557
ZhiTan Water Treatment Plant 直潭淨水廠
Spring 20180317_142815
HsinTian River 新店溪
Spring sanxia_strava_map
95k Sanxia 三峽 bike loop with Bruce
Spring 4865096541_strava_1521278647151_854x480
95k Sanxia 三峽 bike loop with Bruce

Chenggong Road 新店 成功路 explore

Spring 20180318_145447
trailhead to Xiangtianhu 向天湖
Spring 20180318_145917
privately used national land
Spring 20180323_092249
leash repair with bicycle innertube
Spring IMAG2060

Home garden

Spring IMAG2061
Spring IMAG2062
Spring IMAG2064
Spring IMAG2066
Spring IMAG2068
Spring IMAG2071
Spring IMAG2074
Spring IMAG2077
Spring IMAG2078
Spring IMAG2081_BURST001
Spring IMAG2086
Nasturtiums brightening up the hood
Spring IMAG2087
major growing area
Spring IMAG2088
yellow squash flowering
Spring IMAG2090
eggplant fruiting
Spring IMAG2091
highly stacked with perennials
Spring IMAG2092
waiting for planting out
Spring IMAG2093
fig tree needing to be planted
Spring IMAG2094
Spring IMAG2095
amazing what a few weeks of warm, dry weather will do
Spring IMAG2096
slower growing lettuces speeding up now
Spring IMAG2097
stacked northeast wall
Spring IMAG2098
asparagus going all out
Spring IMAG2099
squash and a winged bean getting read to come back
Spring IMAG2101
Spring IMAG2102
east inside layers
Spring IMAG2104
Volunteer tomatoes that I took pity on
Spring IMAG2105
Orchid alley
Spring IMAG2106
food forest
Spring IMAG2107
Wulai shell ginger 烏來月桃
Spring IMAG2109
Spring IMAG2110
Easter salad

New balcony garden in Yonghe YongZhen 永和永貞里

Spring IMAG2113
another balcony project in Yonghe is completed
Spring IMAG2115
previous balcony project
Spring IMAG2117
worm tower
Spring IMAG2118
worm tower with cover
Spring IMAG2119
soil in better condition than the last one
Spring IMAG2120
soil condition
Spring IMAG2123
sifting/cleaning the soil
Spring IMAG2125
Sujen prepping
Spring IMAG2128
work site
Spring IMAG2130
soil cleaning
Spring IMAG2131
design structure
Spring IMAG2133
Spring IMAG2136
finished, view from other side


Spring IMAG2137
Lost love
Spring IMAG2140
Wulai shell ginger in flower
Spring IMAG2148
Wulai shell ginger up close
Spring IMAG2149
Coffee in flower
Spring IMAG2152
Orchid flower

Pristine office compost

Spring IMAG2153
Spring IMAG2156
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