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Ride to Xiaoyi 孝義 to rescue truck left after Tongho 桶后 hike

December IMG_20181204_070300_8
Quchi 屈尺
December IMG_20181204_071254_6
Guishan 龜山
December IMG_20181204_071513_8
Guishan 龜山
December 1297798991_strava_1543893547983_854x480
Morning ride to Xiaoyi 孝義

Looking for a house

December IMG_20181207_075729_8
Dan checking out a house candidate
December IMG_20181207_082734_5
Thomas inspecting ruins


December IMAG4680
December IMAG4681
December IMAG4682

First Session at Special Needs Project

December IMG_6175
December IMG_6176
December IMG_6189
December IMG_6191
December IMG_6193

On the bus

December IMG_20181213_131458_0
Tammy on the bus

C-Lab conference event

December DSC_1533
December DSC_1537
December DSC_1542
December DSC_1545
December DSC_1547
December DSC_1549
December DSC_1550
December DSC_1555
December DSC_1557
December DSC_1560
December DSC_1561
December DSC_1566

Bread Puppet Performance

December IMAG4708
December IMAG4709
December IMAG4711
December IMAG4713
December IMAG4716

at home

December IMAG4720

Orchid Stream 蘭溪, Garden City

December DSC_1569
Orchid Stream 蘭溪

Walkabout in Guting and Hakka Park

December IMAG4727
December IMAG4728
December IMAG4729
December IMAG4730
December IMAG4731
December IMAG4732
December IMAG4733
December IMAG4734
December IMAG4735
December IMAG4736
December IMAG4738
December IMAG4739
December IMAG4740
December IMAG4741
December IMAG4742
December IMAG4743
December IMAG4744
December IMAG4745
December IMAG4746
December IMAG4747
December IMAG4748
December IMAG4749
December IMAG4750
December IMAG4751
December IMAG4752
December IMAG4753
December IMAG4754
December IMAG4755
December IMAG4756
December IMAG4757
December IMAG4758
December IMAG4759
December IMAG4760
December IMAG4762
December IMAG4763
December IMAG4764
December IMAG4765
December IMAG4766
December IMAG4767
December IMAG4768
December IMAG4769
December IMAG4770
December IMAG4771
December IMAG4772
December IMAG4773
December IMAG4774
December IMAG4775
December IMAG4776
December IMAG4777
December IMAG4778
December IMAG4779
December IMAG4780
December IMAG4781
December IMAG4782
December IMAG4783
December IMAG4784
December IMAG4785
December IMAG4786
December IMAG4793
December IMAG4795
December IMAG4796
December IMAG4797
December IMAG4798

Special Needs Edible Landscape Project with Wanling and A-guo Da Ge

December IMG_6305
December IMG_6310
December IMG_6316
December IMG_6320
December IMG_6323
December IMG_6328
December IMG_6335
December IMG_6342
December IMG_6344
December IMG_6345
December IMG_6435

Walk from Fushan 福山 to Hapen 哈盆 in southern Taipei county

December IMG_20181222_085310_9
Bruce crossing a landslide
December IMG_20181222_101407_0
December VID_20181222_103030-143710_960x540
Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道 (video)
December IMG_20181222_104313_3
December VID_20181222_105634-154934_960x540
Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道 (video)
December IMG_20181222_110924_2
December IMG_20181222_113105_1
arch of former railway bridge
December IMG_20181222_115715_0
December IMG_20181222_115720_1
Turn off to Hapen
December IMG_20181222_115741_9
December IMG_20181222_120217_1
Hapen 哈盆
December IMG_20181222_120955_1
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMG_20181222_121837_1
December IMG_20181222_122138_7
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMG_20181222_122613_8
Hapen 哈盆
December IMG_20181222_124739_4
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMG_20181222_130101_8
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMG_20181222_131118_2
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMG_20181222_132059_6
December IMG_20181222_132304_1
Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道
December IMG_20181222_135341_5
December IMG_20181222_135821_1
December IMG_20181222_135837_1
crossing a side stream
December IMG_20181222_141035_6
Lingzhi 靈芝 Ganoderma
December IMG_20181222_141126_5
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
December IMAG4800
December IMAG4802
December IMG_20181222_154221_0
December IMG_20181222_154231_3
December IMG_20181222_154918_6
Hapen trail 哈盆越嶺步道
December IMG_20181222_161229_3
Bird's-nest fern 台灣山蘇 Asplenium nidus
December IMG_20181222_162459_2
December Fushan-Hapen
Walk from Fushan 福山 to Hapen 哈盆 in southern Taipei county

at home

December IMAG4806
December IMAG4808
December IMAG4809
December IMAG4810
December DSC_1578
wingbean flower
December DSC_1579
December DSC_1581

Yonghe Farm Last Project of the Year

December IMAG4815
December IMAG4817
December IMAG4818
December IMAG4819
December IMAG4821
December IMAG4822
December IMAG4825
Keywords: bike, bridge, building, flower, forest, hike, landslide, map, mountain, mushroom, river, sign, stream, trail, video
People: Bruce, Tammy, Thomas
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Guishan, 龜山, Quchi, 屈尺, Taipei Xinyi, 信義區, Xiaoyi, 孝義
Dates: 2018:12:04 - 2018:12:29