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July IMAG5983
Soil texture and composition test at HK PDC

At home

July IMAG5985
mango and dragon fruit
July IMAG5988
bottom of frame for containers
July IMAG5993
metal frame for containers for water
July IMAG5994
installing a gravel field to clean the grey water
July IMAG5995
My favorite fruits during the summer


July IMAG5998
Commute home with jackfruit tree saplings
July IMAG5999
commuting home with roasted coffee beans

At home

July DSC_2110
upstairs work room
July DSC_2111
upstairs office
July DSC_2113
upstairs bedroom
July DSC_2114
upstairs bedroom
July DSC_2118
unfinished electrical work
July DSC_2121
unfinished carpentry work
July DSC_2123
looking out north through the living room
July DSC_2124
Looking into the living room from the north side
July DSC_2125
tank to be clad/covered and raised further
July DSC_2126
from the kitchen and laundry (south side) of the house
July DSC_2129
Tane trying to stay cool
July DSC_2130
checking for adjustments to base structure for the rainwater collection tanks. Will clad/cover the tanks before filling them.
July DSC_2132
Garden City Circle

Toucheng Leisure Farm 頭城農場

July DSC_2134
Gengfang Fishing Harbor 梗枋漁港
July DSC_2135
July DSC_2136
July DSC_2137
weeds on rubble
July DSC_2138
industrial oasis
July DSC_2139
artesian well
July DSC_2140
July DSC_2143
July DSC_2146
Toucheng 頭城
July IMAG6133[2]
July DSC_2148
July DSC_2149
organic waste cooker
July DSC_2151
Sustainability Studio
July DSC_2156
grape orchard
July DSC_2157
morning view from room
July IMG_20190714_063218_5
pest control
July DSC_2161
flowering bamboo
July DSC_2162
Gengfang 梗枋
July DSC_2163
well used roads
July DSC_2164
water brings life
July DSC_2166
exploring the road
July DSC_2167
Turtle Island through the bananas
July DSC_2168
water's edge
July DSC_2170
flowering bamboo
July DSC_2172
July DSC_2177
July DSC_2178
July DSC_2179
July DSC_2181
planning for the future
July toucheng
Toucheng Leisure Farm 頭城農場 visit
Keywords: building, butterfly, dog, flower, food, fruit, grey water, home, island, map, ocean, plant, rainwater harvesting, road, sign, stream, vehicle, water
People: James, Tammy
Locations: Fulung, 福隆, Pinglin, 坪林
Dates: 2019:06:29 - 2019:07:14