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First flight in Quchi 屈尺

January IMG_20200101_153144_6
road improvement in Quchi 屈尺
January IMG_20200101_153432_4
Quchi 屈尺 work site
January IMG_20200101_155830_0005
projects afoot in Quchi 屈尺
January VID_20200101_155846_0006_good-2
First flight over Quchi 屈尺 (video)
January IMG_20200101_160336_3
Quchi 屈尺 wetlands

Guangxing garden plot 廣興園地

January IMG_20200101_162926_5
January IMG_20200101_162937_5
January IMG_20200101_163002_1
January IMG_20200101_163019_4
Guangxing garden 廣興園地

Presentation by the company developing the housing plot at the end of road 7

January IMG_20200104_131113_7
January IMG_20200104_141427_6
site plan on contours
January IMG_20200104_142132_3
construction plan overview
January IMG_20200104_142427_7
environmental guidance
January IMG_20200104_142702_9
site elements
January IMG_20200104_142827_7
soil and foundation profile

Construction will not remove any soil, but will bring material in. Water will come from collected rain water. Waste water will be settled through three ponds before being dumped into the stream. Trees along Rd 7 will removed to the back preserve area to allow road access to the houses. 工程說明會通知 - 時間:109/01/04 下午1400 地點:長青會活動中心: 七路一段北側建案即將開工,針對工程開發相關事宜,邀請開發營造商進行工程說明會,歡迎住戶參與

Garden City

January IMAG7531
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 below
January VIDEO0129_1280x720
Weiwei in Lanxi stream (video)
January IMAG7533
January IMAG7534
January IMAG7536
Weiwei and Kannie
January IMAG7537

Birds at Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園

January IMAG7543
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園
January IMAG7545
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園
January IMAG7546
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園
January IMAG7548
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園
January IMAG7550
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園
January VIDEO0130_1280x720
Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
January IMAG7555
Juvenile Malayan night heron
January IMAG7556
Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園

Guangxing garden plot 廣興園地

January IMAG7559
January IMAG7560
January IMAG7562
January IMAG7563
January IMAG7564
January IMAG7565
January IMAG7569

at home

January IMG_20200111_094251_8
Hotash stove test
January VID_20200111_094301_1280x720
Hotash stove test (video)
January IMG_20200111_130757_3
brothers crossing the river in Guishan
January VID_20200111_133720_0032
over Guishan 龜山

Flying practice in Garden City

January VID_20200118_124855_0039_854x480_5533k
precise flying test (video)
January IMG_20200118_154126_0041
View of Rd 7 construction site
January IMG_20200118_154254_0043
End of Garden City Rd 7

Guangxing garden plot 廣興園地

January IMAG7871
January VID_20200122_130520_0011_1280x720_Good
Over Guangxing garden 廣興園地 (video)
January IMG_20200122_130212_0005
Guangxing garden 廣興園地 from above
January IMG_20200122_131929_8
January IMG_20200122_131947_1
January IMG_20200122_132043_5
January IMG_20200122_132102_9
January IMG_20200122_132253_8
January IMG_20200122_132503_2
January IMG_20200122_132631_7
January IMAG7872
January IMAG7873
January IMAG7874
January IMAG7877
January IMAG7879
January IMAG7880
January IMAG7881
January IMAG7882
January IMAG7883
January IMAG7885
January IMAG7886
January IMAG7887
January IMAG7888
January IMAG7890
January IMG_20200124_151040_0004
Guangxing 廣興 from 500m

Garden City

January IMAG7896
January IMAG7897
January IMAG7898
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