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Slow long ride on a cold wet day up Lane 120 off the road to Fushan

February IMG_20200201_135434_7
the Nanshi river 南勢溪
February IMG_20200201_155125_8
the end of Lane 120 at 980m elevation
February IMG_20200201_155306_9
workhouse at the end of Lane 120
February IMG_20200201_161009_2
clearcut forest near the top of Lane 120
February IMG_20200201_162720_0
trail to check out above Lanhou falls 蘭吼瀑布 on Wuzhong stream 五重溪
February IMG_20200201_164559_2
above Xinxian 信賢 village
February IMG_20200201_165025_9
泰雅爺爺 coffee shop
February 05488321001_relive_1581253748661-cut-1701
Ride on a cold wet day up Lane 120 off the road to Fushan

Morning dog walk along Lanxi stream

February IMAG7900
February IMAG7902
Morning dog walk
February IMAG7903
February IMAG7906
February IMAG7908
February IMAG7909
February IMAG7911
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
February IMAG7912
February IMAG7913
February IMAG7914
February IMAG7916
February IMAG7917
February IMAG7918
February IMAG7919
February IMAG7920
February IMAG7921

at home

February IMAG7922
February IMAG7923
February IMAG7924

Putting up trellises at the Guangxing garden 廣興園地

February IMAG7925
February IMAG7927
Dogs in the garden
February IMAG7928

Aerial views of construction site at the end of Road 7

February IMG_20200204_115802_0002
Bridge over Lanxi stream
February IMG_20200204_115907_0003
Walled off construction site
February IMG_20200204_120054_0007
Neighborhood adjoining construction site
February IMG_20200204_120119_0008
Central Garden City
February IMG_20200204_120247_0015
Construction site from 220m
February IMG_20200204_120914_0027
View of wall between construction site and stream

Repairing a chair with discarded fire hose

February IMG_20191228_081730_2
the tired canvas panel
February IMG_20200110_111428_2
cutting off the hose coupling
February IMG_20200110_113120_7
cutting a section of hose
February DSC_2283
reparing the awl
February IMG_20200111_091047_7
hose clamped together
February IMG_20200125_193918_2
first strip attached
February IMG_20200125_200310_8
dissasembling the chair to ease access
February IMG_20200127_234834_1
a tougher needle and better thread
February IMG_20200202_183515_5
customized tool
February IMAG7929
predrilling holes
February IMG_20200207_090810_1
panel replaced
February IMAG7933
chair reassembled

Birds at Guangxing Wetlands 廣興河濱公園

February DSC_2284
February DSC_2294

Investigation of a powerful volatile solvent smell in the house

February IMG_20200209_103003_3
unusual thick whte materail in the storm drains
February IMG_20200209_103105_9
Where material may have been dumped into the storm drains
February IMG_20200209_103126_5
Location of the possible dump site
February IMG_20200209_103212_7
white material flowing below our stairs
February IMG_20200209_103218_3
Unusual white material in the storm drain
February IMG_20200209_103231_3
the white material settles in fron of our garage

Hello 芳鄰 @Jimmy濟民 昨天晚上十點左右聞到很重的化學物質味道, 今天早上發現有人將不明液體到了在七路16巷排水溝裡, 所產生的氣題很濃 我們家都很難受. 應該找誰處理呢?

Tammy's birthday in Wulai 烏來

February IMG_20200209_165547_5
Hot spring outcrop in the Nanshi river 南勢溪 above Wulai
February IMG_20200209_165900_8
mushroom seller on Wulai Old Street 烏來老街
February IMG_20200209_165947_5
local vegetable seller on 烏來老街 Wulai Old Street

Soak at Yen Town Hot springs 國際岩湯, early dinner at Taya Po Po Atayal Restaurant 泰雅婆婆 on Wulai Old Street 烏來老街 and coffee and cake at Helen's 烏來海倫咖啡 across the ugly new Lan Sheng bridge 覽勝大橋

Shiding bike loop with Bruce and Jack to Hans' 手作 bakery/cafe

February IMG_20200215_072816_0
Monkey Mountain ridge 猴山岳 or Paozilun 炮子崙 trail
February IMG_20200215_080846_1
February IMG_20200215_110347_7
tea fields above Pinglin 坪林
February IMG_20200215_110358_0
tea fields above Pinglin 坪林
February IMG_20200215_112022_8
Nanshan Temple 南山寺
February IMG_20200215_112035_4
Hans 手作 Bakery/Cafe
February IMG_20200215_113621_4
Hans 手作 Bakery/Cafe
February IMG_20200215_122737_8
above Pinglin 坪林
February IMG_20200215_123400_4
above Pinglin 坪林
February mQ4CD4WwfHvSYaSojMhY6zKKrmiLYmn_zE7m6jtoUJ8-2048x1681
Drystacked retaining walls in tea fields above Pinglin 坪林
February IMG_20200215_151006_9
earthworks at Qingtan Weir 青潭堰
February 26258521001_relive_1581823536250-2063
Bike loop with Bruce and Jack to Hans 手作 bakery

Bike loop to water plants in Guangxing 廣興

February IMAG0236
February IMG_20200222_124340_0
low water at Qingtan Weir 青潭堰
February IMG_20200222_124539_3
Guangxing Bridge 廣興橋
February IMG_20200222_125225_1
view of garden area flats in Guangxing 廣興
February 42581821001_relive_1582435207677
Yo-yo to water Guangxing garden
February IMAG0237
February IMAG0239
February IMAG0240
February IMAG0241
February IMAG0242
February IMAG0244
February IMAG0249
February IMAG0252
February IMAG0253
February IMAG0255
February IMAG0256
February IMAG0257
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People: Bruce, Jack
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Garden City, 花園新城, Guangxing, 廣興, Pinglin, 坪林, Quchi, 屈尺, Shenkeng, 深坑, Shiding, 石碇, Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2020:02:01 - 2020:02:29