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April PIV_20220422_152224_0011
construction site and Road 7 from above
April 20220402_115749
April DSC_3827
quarantine visitor at the office

Orchid Stream 蘭溪

April 20220406_090008
along Orchid Stream 蘭溪
April 20220406_090225
along Orchid Stream 蘭溪
April 20220406_090735
along Orchid Stream 蘭溪
April 20220406_090800
along Orchid Stream 蘭溪
April 20220406_090817
along Orchid Stream 蘭溪

Road 7 construction

April GOPR3597
Road 7 construction, water retention ponds?
April GOPR3603
looking up to construction site from Lanxi stream
April GOPR3607
under the bridge
April 20220416_144609
tumeric harvest
April 20220416_201958
April 20220417_141326
April Rd7-2022-4
Road 7 construction (video)
April time-lapse
Road 7 construction time lapse (video)
April PIV_20220417_153253_0011
old Garden City water treatment facility
April PIV_20220417_153738_0012
construction site

at home

April IMG_20220419_161927_5
stairs in front of the house scrubbed clean
April IMG_20220419_161955_4
stairs in front of the house scrubbed clean
April IMG_20220421_154247_6
April IMG_20220421_214518_4
hot tofu

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

April IMG_20220422_175046_0
April IMG_20220422_175058_6
iris in the herb spiral
April IMG_20220422_182439_0
April IMG_20220422_184006_5
hulls down at nightfall
April IMG_20220422_184036_6
hulls down at nightfall

Repair broken power wire in vacuum cleaner hose

April IMG_20220424_112952_5
Removing the sleeve cover
April IMG_20220424_134524_0
Locating the wire break
April IMG_20220424_135803_6
Cutting out the bad section
April IMG_20220425_223600_3
Rewiring and attaching
April IMG_20220425_223928_5
Tape to hold down the connections
April IMG_20220425_224141_4
April IMG_20220426_153823_2
gravel to construction site

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

April IMG_20220427_164401_8
flowering eggplant
April IMG_20220427_164411_2
fruiting banana
April IMG_20220427_164436_8
fruiting pepper
April IMG_20220427_164508_9
neglected orphans
April IMG_20220427_164522_3
fruiting pepper
April IMG_20220427_164536_0
Red habaneros
April IMG_20220427_164554_6
April IMG_20220427_164608_2
herb spiral
April IMG_20220427_164623_1
pigeon peas
April IMG_20220427_172738_5
a pail of pigeon peas

The pigeon pea 樹豆 (shù dòu) Cajanus cajan is a perennial legume in the Fabaceae family which has been cultivated on the Indian subcontinent for at least 3,500 years ago. The seeds are an important source of protein in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The bean is also central to many of Taiwan's indigenous peoples. It is called fata'an by the Amis, singut by the Tayal and qalidang by the Bunun.

April IMG_20220427_173818_3
Xindian river below Guishan
April tung-blossoms_1024x540
Tung and Acacia Blossoms 油桐花 與 相思樹花 (video)
April DSC_3881
Tumeric 薑黃 (jiāng huáng) Curcuma longa radix
April DSC_3884
naranjilla 奎東茄 (kuí dōng qié) Solanum quitoense flowering
April DSC_3891
shell ginger 月桃 (yuè táo) Alpinia zerumbet
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