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Travel from Taipei to Orlando

Florida IMG_20220307_063324_5
Green 3 bus to Dapinglin station
Florida IMG_20220307_065035_8
Taipei Yellow line in the rain
Florida IMG_20220307_065517_1
Station on the Yellow line
Florida IMG_20220307_070801_5
Florida IMG_20220307_092006_7
Disinfection at Taiwan airport
Florida IMG_20220307_105135_0
Take off in 45 minutes
Florida IMG_20220307_221445_5
Coming into San Francisco after 12 hours
Florida IMG_20220307_225003_0
morning again at San Francisco airport
Florida IMG_20220308_013320_7
leaving California for Florida
Florida IMG_20220308_013535_6
leaving California for Florida
Florida IMG_20220308_055440_6
coming into Orlando after 5.5 hours
Florida IMG_20220308_060501_6
the lakes of porous Florida

La Chua Trail

Florida DSC_3347
Cleaning the pond
Florida DSC_3354
Driving out

The La Chua Trail is an elevated boardwalk along a dike out to an observation tower at the north end of Paynes Prairie. When the prairie drain, Alachua Sink becomes clogged, the prairie becomes a lake, collecting water and alligators around the dike.

Florida IMG_20220309_150532_5
La Chua Trail
Florida IMG_20220309_150959_0
Alachua Sink
Florida DSC_3355
Tent caterpillars
Florida DSC_3357
Florida DSC_3358
spanish moss covered live oak
Florida DSC_3359
shells without snails
Florida IMG_20220309_152211140_HDR
waiting for the rain to pass
Florida DSC_3361
lizard in the rain
Florida IMG_20220309_152447_4
Paynes Prarie Watershed
Florida IMG_20220309_152823138
Alachua Trail

Rain traps us at the shelter and we turn around and run back to our car in increasing rain after a short visit

back home

Florida DSC_3364
too many grapefruit
Florida DSC_3366
end of azalea season
Florida DSC_3367
Marc blowing oak leaves off of the roof

Evening bike loop with Marc

Florida IMG_20220310_182242177
baby bird on sidewalk
Florida IMG_20220310_182316839
Bird on bike path

Walk through Hayes Glen development across the street

Florida DSC_3374
Florida DSC_3376
heading off to Hayes Glen with Sprint
Florida DSC_3379
house from the road
Florida DSC_3382
Florida DSC_3384
Florida DSC_3386
Florida DSC_3389
life on the waterfront
Florida DSC_3391
flooding from the last few days of torrential rain
Florida DSC_3400
Florida DSC_3408
a regular short walk route, taking us off the busy 8th Avenue thoroughfare
Florida DSC_3410
Florida DSC_3411
Hayes Glen
Florida DSC_3414
swamp at home
Florida DSC_3415
real estate rescue

The Hayes family owned expansive ranges of beef cattle grazing land when we were young and were our landlords for a year before we moved across the street.

back home

Florida DSC_3416
Sprint's daily ball chasing routine
Florida DSC_3417
back yard under the oaks
Florida DSC_3420
Marc potting a date to root
Florida DSC_3422
Florida DSC_3423
house under the oaks
Florida DSC_3428
podocarpus, orange, dog and master
Florida DSC_3430
oranges aplenty
Florida DSC_3431
Florida DSC_3432
draining the flooded podocarpus
Florida DSC_3433
Florida DSC_3434
podocarpus rescue
Florida DSC_3436
Bella's eternal resting spot
Florida DSC_3438
Florida DSC_3440
Florida DSC_3443
good simple meals
Florida DSC_3445
Florida DSC_3448
the librarian passes on his wisdom
Florida DSC_3449
guest bedroom
Florida DSC_3450
Florida DSC_3451
dining room
Florida DSC_3452
Florida DSC_3453
screened porch

Flint Rock bike ride

Florida DSC_3456
Florida DSC_3460
flood waters persist
Florida DSC_3462
future roads
Florida DSC_3463
my elementary school, moved out of town
Florida DSC_3464
the way it used to be
Florida DSC_3469
improving on nature
Florida DSC_3473
Florida DSC_3475
Florida DSC_3480
Florida DSC_3482
Florida DSC_3491
back out to Parker Road
Florida DSC_3492
Flint Rock Agrihood
Florida DSC_3493
Florida DSC_3494
collateral damage

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Florida DSC_3500
Florida DSC_3502
Florida DSC_3505
Florida DSC_3507
Florida DSC_3509
Roy Lambert was the previous owner of the house at 11528
Florida DSC_3511
Florida DSC_3512
Florida DSC_3515
Florida DSC_3516
Florida DSC_3517
Florida DSC_3518
Florida DSC_3522
Florida DSC_3524

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a 68 acre non-profit garden comprised of 24 major collections including Florida’s largest display of bamboos and the largest herb garden in the Southeast.

After the storm - leaf raking, roof sweeping, berm building, garden prep

Florida IMG_20220313_164032780
Gathering leaves
Florida IMG_20220313_164039007
Gathering leaves
Florida DSC_3525
Florida DSC_3526
Florida DSC_3527
Florida DSC_3528
Florida DSC_3529
Florida DSC_3533
Florida DSC_3535
Florida DSC_3537
Florida DSC_3538
Florida DSC_3539
collecting grapefruit
Florida DSC_3540
Christopher bringing down fire wood

Using leaves accumulated after the storm to mulch the new garden. Soil dug up from behind the house is used to build up berms to redirect rain water flow away from the house. The soil is also used to mix with sandier soil to make seed pockets for seedlings. We make an A-frame level to map contours to understand water flow from the yard down toward the house.

Poe Springs

Florida DSC_3542
Florida DSC_3543
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3545
picnic lunch at Poe Springs
Florida IMG_20220314_134916708
Poe Springs
Florida IMG_20220314_135143877
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3548
Florida DSC_3552
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3553
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3555
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3557
Florida DSC_3558
Florida DSC_3560
nature walk loop at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3561
nature walk loop at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3567
cypress knees
Florida DSC_3570
nature walk loop at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3573
cypress knees at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3574
Florida DSC_3575
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3580
float tubes captured

Poe Springs is the largest spring in Alachua County, pumping 45 million gallons of fresh water into the Santa Fe River daily.

Pizza at home

Florida DSC_3588
pizza master
Florida DSC_3594
pizza dinner
Florida IMG_20220315_132406175
finding the contour with an A frame level
Florida IMG_20220315_163444810
pushing leaves

SW 15th Avenue bike ride with Marc

Florida IMG_20220316_084059473
Future street
Florida IMG_20220316_091402828_HDR
Cracker house
Florida IMG_20220316_092119479
Florida IMG_20220316_092349283
chimney standing
Florida IMG_20220316_100726423
testing weeds on dwarf goats

Work on the garden

Florida IMG_20220316_112741092
Florida IMG_20220316_115457492
Trimming a tree for the garden
Florida IMG_20220316_115503976
Veggie garden
Florida IMG_20220316_122026672
hauling tree branches
Florida IMG_20220316_140005666_HDR
selecting seedlings to start the garden
Florida IMG_20220316_140740_1
garden seedlings
Florida IMG_20220316_153219_7
fruit for lunch
Florida IMG_20220316_171551625_HDR
Planting the seedlings
Florida IMG_20220316_173542_3
mixing soil
Florida IMG_20220316_175012_9
planting seedlings in soil pockets
Florida IMG_20220316_175021_4
planting seedlings in soil pockets
Florida IMG_20220316_180124_8
replacing the burlap between the rows to keep weeds down
Florida IMG_20220316_181146_3
building up the berm
Florida IMG_20220316_182011_8
berm to guide rain water flow away from the house
Florida IMG_20220316_183805988
Planting okra seed

Santa Fe Kayak trip

Florida IMG_20220317_093156458
house at Bluebird landing in High Springs
Florida DSC_3598
house at Bluebird landing in High Springs
Florida IMG_20220317_094307337
unmooring the kayak
Florida IMG_20220317_095509170
neighbor's landing on the Santa Fe
Florida IMG_20220317_100217_8
Lily Springs at high water
Florida IMG_20220317_104330276_BURST001
floating among trees
Florida IMG_20220317_111757734_HDR
Kayak at Poe Springs
Florida DSC_3601
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3602
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3606
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3608
Lily Springs
Florida DSC_3615
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3617
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3625
Florida DSC_3627
cypress on the Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3628
cypress on the Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3629
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3631
back to Bluebird landing
Florida DSC_3637
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3641
Santa Fe River
Florida DSC_3645
back at fooded Bluebird Landing
Florida DSC_3646
flooded Bluebird landing
Florida DSC_3648
ripples in the trees

The 121 km Santa Fe River drains a 3,574 km2 watershed spanning seven counties of north central Florida from the headwaters at Lake Santa Fe, near Keystone Heights. The slow speed of the river along with leaf-drop from Bald Cypress and other trees results in dissolved tannins coloring the river a dark dark-brown.

Florida DSC_3649
house at Bluebird Landing
Florida IMG_20220317_125009737_HDR
BlueBird entrance gate
Florida 66041500101_relive-tracker_1647541231251
Santa Fe Kayak trip (video)

back home

Florida DSC_3651
ball play
Florida DSC_3652
Florida DSC_3654
Florida DSC_3656
Florida DSC_3658
Florida DSC_3661
Sprint's morning walk
Florida IMG_20220317_153858304_HDR
pine cone study
Florida DSC_3665
identifying weeds
Florida DSC_3672
Christopher and the wood stove
Florida DSC_3678
visiting brothers
Florida DSC_3686
Florida DSC_3695
Florida DSC_3703

Marc flies back to Akron in the evening

Morning birding with Gordon at Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Florida DSC_3705
Florida DSC_3709
Florida DSC_3710
Florida DSC_3715
Florida DSC_3716
Florida DSC_3717
Florida DSC_3719
Florida DSC_3720
Florida DSC_3727
Florida DSC_3730
Florida DSC_3733
Florida DSC_3735
Florida DSC_3736
Florida DSC_3738
Florida DSC_3742
Florida DSC_3748
Sweetwater Wetlands
Florida DSC_3749
Sweetwater Wetlands

Sweetwater Wetlands Park is a 125 acre man-made wetland habitat designed to improve water quality by filtering out pollution and nutrients, restoring natural water flow to 1,300 acres of formerly drained wetlands in Paynes Prairie and improving water quality in the Alachua Sink and the Floridan aquifer.

at home

Florida IMG_20220319_170559_7
east wing
Florida IMG_20220319_170618_7
cat and hot water room
Florida IMG_20220319_170633_1
guest room
Florida IMG_20220319_170701_1
Christopher's room

Second SW 15th Avenue bike ride

Florida IMG_20220322_114242_3
industrial mulching with plastic
Florida IMG_20220322_120521_0
at the end of SW 15th Avenue
Florida IMG_20220322_120602_5
at the end of SW 15th Avenue
Florida IMG_20220322_120615_2
Florida IMG_20220322_122903_4
blueberry plantation
Florida 55084010101_relive-tracker_1647978828773
SW 15th Avenue bike ride (video)


Florida DSC_3750
Florida DSC_3751
lower field
Florida DSC_3754
Florida DSC_3755
Florida DSC_3758

Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve

Florida DSC_3759
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida DSC_3760
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida DSC_3761
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida DSC_3762
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida DSC_3763
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve
Florida DSC_3764
Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve

at home

Florida DSC_3767
Florida DSC_3769
Sprint fetching his squeaky ball
Florida DSC_3770
Florida DSC_3771
blueberries starting
Florida DSC_3773
bald cypress
Florida DSC_3774
view from the west
Florida DSC_3776
Florida DSC_3777
looking west
Florida DSC_3778


Florida IMG_20220328_115316_9
Florida IMG_20220328_133432_7

Morning bike loop with visit to Margaret Glenn

Florida IMG_20220329_104219_5
coming back on 8th Avenue
Florida IMG_20220329_105357_1
checking for eggs
Florida IMG_20220329_105454_2
chicken coop
Florida IMG_20220329_105650_5
illegally parked
Florida IMG_20220329_105849_1
Margaret's house
Florida IMG_20220329_110122_9
milkweed butterfly garden
Florida IMG_20220329_110551_0
Margaret's house

Kitchen sink cabinet floor repair, yard time

Florida IMG_20220329_115030_1
repairing the cabinet floor under the kitchen sink
Florida IMG_20220329_121835_9
clearing the nest
Florida IMG_20220329_170540_2
Florida IMG_20220329_170711_0
Florida DSC_3779
Florida DSC_3780
Florida DSC_3781
garden progress
Florida DSC_3783
watering the garden
Florida DSC_3786
Florida DSC_3787
metal covers over rodent entry points

Return to Taiwan

Florida IMG_20220330_172125_5
San Francisco
Florida IMG_20220330_172357_8
13 hour flight
Florida IMG_20220330_173916_1
leaving San Francisco
Florida IMG_20220330_173931_1
leaving San Francisco
Florida IMG_20220330_174119_0
leaving San Francisco
Florida IMG_20220331_062040_9
arriving in Taiwan at dusk

Covid quarantine on return to Taiwan

Florida IMG_20220331_192001_8
PCR testing for Covid in Taiwan
Florida IMG_20220331_204037_8_v1
Florida IMG_20220410_082543_9
in line for PCR test
Florida IMG_20220410_083945_5
approaching the test site
Florida IMG_20220410_084035_2
in car testing
Florida IMG_20220412_085424_9
negative antigen test results

Following PCR test on landing, Covid quarantine is 10 days isolation plus 7 days of self monitoring. Release from the 10 day period requires a seoond negative PCR test. Antigen tests are self administered every few days, and officials from the CDC and Foreign Affairs Police monitor your phone movement and call to ask about your health status and test results every day.

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