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Tammy home quarantines back from trip to US

May 20220504_092144
coffee at home
May IMG_20220504_093948_0
office quarantine
May 20220504_105752
the forest outside
May 20220504_111108
Covid antigen test
May 20220505_130139
May 20220505_142220

hike to 仙跡岩 Xianjiyan near the office

May IMG_20220505_170017_7
trailhead to 仙跡岩 Xianjiyan
May IMG_20220505_170621_8
look out for snakes
May IMG_20220505_170631_6
Psychotria rubra 九節木
May IMG_20220505_171557_8
May IMG_20220505_171825_5
view of 景美 Jingmei
May IMG_20220505_171929_9
姑婆芋 Alocasia odora
May IMG_20220505_172123_8
含笑花 Michelia figo
May IMG_20220505_172654_2
view of 景美 Jingmei
May IMG_20220505_174251_9
青剛櫟 Quercus glauca
May IMG_20220505_175123_0
May IMG_20220505_175654_6
coming back down the trail
May IMG_20220505_175833_3
view of 景美橋 Jingmei bridge
May IMG_20220505_180015_7
coming back down the trail
May IMG_20220505_180053_3
coming back down the trail

Recycle scooter in Ankeng and walk home

May 279548473_417254586904333_1954604887643997281_n
office home
May 279668720_1123781081804215_6498387966257159172_n
Bitan bridge
May 279634180_828236458156329_3681837171884447968_n
work under Bitan bridge

around the neigborhood

May 279394105_1402219610191018_4316164972995740205_n
Weiwei coming across the water
May 279530035_746156509746960_7240072053743725430_n
details of Road 7 water works
May 20220506_181034
garden harvest
May 279648990_417715973522162_8540240594303837441_n
slapping down a parking lot
May 279785914_509919247537978_7817813440670557016_n
a fork in the road
May 20220507_173118
pigeon pea harvest
May 20220507_175843
weed shredder
May IMG_20220509_084353_6
disinfector below 消毒軍
May IMG_20220509_143356_3
Rd 7 construction
May IMG_20220509_143404_3
Rd 7 construction
May IMG_20220509_143502_7
Rd 7 construction
May IMG_20220509_151551_5
dog walk

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

May IMG_20220509_161445_9
new 真味 site
May IMG_20220509_164115_0
Silk tree 合歡 (hé huān) Albizia julibrissin flowering
May IMG_20220509_164618_3
May IMG_20220509_165239_6
flowering Angelica acutiloba 山當歸 (shān dāng guī)
May IMG_20220509_165942_2
fruiting Cape gooseberry 燈籠果 (dēng lóng guǒ) Physalis peruviana
May IMG_20220509_170105_4
flowering Nasturtium 金蓮花 (jīn lián huā) Tropaeolum
May IMG_20220509_170444_5
turmeric 薑黃 (jiāng huáng) Curcuma longa shoot
May IMG_20220509_171953_9
carbonized bee hives
May IMG_20220509_172128_8
banana fruiting

at Home

May 20220509_183154
has the flood receded?
May 20220510_060117
Romaine lettuce
May 20220510_060134
May 20220510_060156
May 20220510_060203
May 20220510_060227
May 20220510_060306
dill seeding
May 20220510_060322
perilla (shiso)
May 20220510_060409
May 20220510_060524
Nopal cactus getting established.
May 20220510_060549
May 20220510_060642
Jewels of Opar 假人篸 (jiǎ rén cǎn), 土人參 (tǔ rénshēn) Talinum paniculatum
May 20220510_060746
May 20220510_060822
northeast side microclimate supports growth for tender or shade tolerant plants
May 20220510_060835
May 20220510_060933
May 20220510_060957

Walk above Zhengda with Dan

May IMG_20220510_114058_9
Jingmei River 景美溪
May IMG_20220510_121609_0
May IMG_20220510_123441_2
Paper mulberry 構樹 (gòu shù) Broussonetia papyrifera fruit

Around the house during Tammy's quarantine

May 20220511_140940
tomato-based noodle soup (chopped tomato, added to fragrantly fried ginger, garlic, turmeric, a small minced habanero, culantro and salt) with button mushrooms and lettuce greens
May 20220512_083116

Repair overflowing washing machine

May IMG_20220512_151144_3
Whirlpool LSR6132E
May IMG_20220512_151229_3
water pressure sensor in Load Size controller
May IMG_20220513_100427_5
air tube disconnected from pressure sensor

A chunk of cement falls out of the upstairs ceiling revealing rusty rebar

May DSC_3913
out of the ceiling
May DSC_3897
upstairs hallway
May 20220513_224955
the crash woke Tammy
May DSC_3900
1.6 kg

Rainy walk down to Lanxi stream on Tammy's first morning out of quarantine

May 20220514_083933
May 20220514_084121
Looking upstream at the creek ravine
May 20220514_084529
Stuff that the storm drains have flushed out, including lots of detergents
May 20220514_084548
Philip clearing the balls and bottles for rehoming and recycling
May 20220514_084902
Our local creek-side ruins
May 20220514_085422
Message on the second floor of the building ruins
May 20220514_090425
Dog and local mudworks
May 20220514_153553
In the subtropical jungle garden mints, oregano, taros and gingers; and native edible weeds: 飛機菜, 龍葵, 山萵苣, 紫被草, 川七, 昭和草, 咸豐草等 thrive

at Home

May DSC_3920
two bald cypress sprouts coming up with a Taiwan maple
May IMG_20220517_152047_0

Walk from Shenkeng 深坑 to Caonan 草湳

May IMG_20220518_122345_3
Shenkeng 深坑
May IMG_20220518_122643_3
peanut ice cream wraps
May IMG_20220518_123436_3
Arouyang 阿柔洋
May IMG_20220518_140834_7
view of Taipei
May IMG_20220518_144041_7
off the ridge trail
May IMG_20220518_145922_0
May IMG_20220518_150600_0
May IMG_20220518_150634_7
a history of wall
May IMG_20220518_150914_2
Caonan Bridge 草湳橋
May IMG_20220518_152207_4
 looking to Taipei

About Xindian

May 20220520_094227
May VID_20220520_143814-978x550
gathering polished stones in the river (video)
May 20220520_150924
May 20220520_151021
May 20220520_151057
May 20220520_161758
May 20220520_180357
May 20220521_111509
finished turmeric powder
May 20220521_113741
May 20220523_074426
May 20220523_091234

Xindian 新店 Tzu Chi 慈濟 recycling station

May IMG_20220523_132005_7
Xindian 新店 Tzu Chi 慈濟 recycling station
May IMG_20220523_132516_5
thermoses, coffee makers and scales
May IMG_20220523_132554_0
irons, hair dryers and doodads
May IMG_20220523_133607_7
chairs, industrial sewing machines

The Buddhist Tzu Chi 慈濟 Foundation operates thousands of recycling stations across the island employing tens of thousands of senior volunteers receiving mountains of refuse to be recycled daily. It is easy to imagine that Disposers are relieved to karmically release there Unwanted to the care of Less Fortunate. Cycling into the sprawling facility, volunteers were quick to point me in the direction to dispose of my iron steed, likely not expecting this visitor to be among the minority coming by to shop through the refuse of others.

Inside the enclave of sheds, some volunteers sat in circles, clustered around categories of material, perhaps piles of paper, heaps of consumer electronics or mounds of unloved clothing, joyfully talking among themselves. A volunteer from a group clipping the power cords off of electric appliances pointed in the direction to browse discarded tools. In addition to being an activity center for elders, the facility generates income as a store selling recovered goods and material. One shelter displayed recovered clothes and kitchen appliances to be sold. The variety of and special qualities of different items thrown out must challenge the volunteers to make sense of them.

There are also large quantities of new material which may be factory extras, expired product or defective manufacturing. High quality lighting units, possibly from vehicle manufacturing suppliers, not commercially packed, spilled out of split open new boxes on pallets, holding thousands of the products that perhaps a factory was relieved to unload, converting Disposal to Donation. There were palettes of what looked to be near finished e-scooter batteries - perhaps expired, order canceled or defective, seemingly fresh out of the factory, being dismantled with kitchen scissors. It seemed unlikely that much of the material will find application close to its intended fabrication, remembering the happy volunteers chatting and snipping the power cords off of appliances in their best effort to separate materials to protect the environment. Clearly there is a lot of good here. Hopefully this great initial effort has not hidden the need to reduce the waste of consumption and marked the issue as fixed.

around the house

May 20220524_081311
May 20220524_082748
May 20220525_111702
May 20220525_134217
May 20220525_151023
May 20220525_154141
May 20220525_165716
May 20220526_093152
May 20220526_093215
May 20220526_093317
May 20220526_132827

Plantago major 車前草

May 20220527_092101
Plantago major 車前草
May 20220527_092434
May 20220527_092504
May 20220527_092538
May 20220527_092644
May 20220527_092720
May 20220527_152259
May 20220527_184613
May 20220528_140340
May 20220528_140415
May 20220528_144711
May 20220528_201108
May 20220528_201232
May 20220528_202051

Fushan bike ride with Ziggy

May IMG_20220529_075950_9
stream above Tranan
May IMG_20220529_083944_6
stream below Wuzhong waterfall 五重溪瀑布
May 284214410_1395758790941230_4705160758604661403_n
on the way back from Fushan
May 20220529_084252
May 20220529_084310
May 20220529_084326
May IMG_20220529_084345_2
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
May IMG_20220529_084656_2
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
May IMG_20220529_085917_9
Nanshi stream 南勢溪
May IMG_20220529_090410_6
Wulai Waterfall
May 20220529_095024
May 91786680101_relive-tracker_1653832152437
Fushan visit (video)
May IMG_20220529_105843_3
Blue Java 爪哇藍蕉 (zhǎowā lán jiāo) Musa acuminata × balbisiana
May 20220530_071307
May 20220531_134502
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People: Dan, Philip
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2022:05:04 - 2022:05:31