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at Home

June 20220601_100709
solar clothes dryer
June 20220601_144421

Red River Gorge 紅河谷 trace, middle section, above slide

June GOPR3614
first break
June GOPR3616
June GOPR3621
back down to the stream
June GOPR3637
at the slide pool
June GOPR3641
Bunny in the pool
June GOPR3646
Wolfgang in the pool
June GOPR3647
Judy on the rocks
June GOPR3651
Bunny explores a side stream
June GOPR3653
up to the main trail
June GOPR3656
busy resting
June GOPR3661
Red River Gorge trail
June RedRiver-978x550G
Red River trace (video)

Home drainage improvement

Problem: The upstairs balcony run-off discharges into the air causing flooding and messes below

June DSC_3938
balcony roof rainwater drains into the air

Goal: Reroute top floor street-side balcony from flooding below

materials, resources and parameters

June DSC_3925
a tile 瓷磚 is 11 cm square including grout
June DSC_3929
attach the vertical pipe right along the edge of the building
June DSC_3932
downpipe will rest on the rail 9 tiles or 1 m above the platform
June GOPR3708
bottom and cross to water tank
June DSC_3933
horizontal will take rainwater over across the roof to the overflow tank
June GOPR3706
view over the back roof
June DSC_3936
horizontal span is 54 tiles or 5 meters
June DSC_3935
vertical pipe reaches within 3 tiles (33 cm) of the bottom of the balcony
June DSC_3941
spin the downspout toward the corner
June GOPR3707
view from the street
June DSC_3945
230 and 362 cm sections of 7.5 cm PVC piping
June DSC_3954
all of the piping is 7.5 cm diameter
June DSC_3965
135 cm overflow and 123 downspout
June DSC_3971
tank tower already 4 cinder blocks high
June DSC_3973
9 cinder blocks available
June DSC_3976
horizontal pipe will pass over the roof

Pipe lengths available: 430, 362, 230, 135, 123, 88, 70 cm


June vertical-top
turn downspout toward wall
June vertical
attach 650 cm vertical downspout
June bottom-corner
bottom corner rests on handrail
June horizontal
horizontal pipe

Try replacing the 70 cm section with the 230 cm section for the long vertical pipe.

Pizza gathering at Mick's

June 2022-06-05_065725PM
Mick's house
June 2022-06-05_065929PM
next generation at the pizza oven

Around Xindian and Jingmei

June 20220608_142929
Menu at 福緣齋
June 20220608_142938
Menu at 福緣齋
June 20220608_144952
a thin building in Jngmei
June 20220608_145006
a thin building in Jngmei
June 20220608_145304-550x980G
urban whistling thrush

Around the house

June 20220608_194621
June GOPR3683
construction inspectors
June GOPR3691
June GOPR3692
lunch break
June GOPR3696
back work area
June GOPR3728-978x550
6/15 rain (video)
June GOPR3735
new community pool

Upper level plumbing completed before downpour

June GOPR3755
Upper plumbing complete
June GOPR3761
Capture runoff of two small front roofs
June rainwater2-980x550G
6/20 rain (video)
June 289678449_720934189216018_25802987692067380_n
horizontal pipe sags from water weight

Inspecting the construction site

June 20220619_172025
June 20220619_172038
June 20220619_172053

at Home

June 20220622_122814
June 20220623_091557
June 20220623_123515
June 20220625_115235
June 20220625_124023
June 20220625_134612
June 20220625_134615
June IMG_20220625_170733_3

Oven door spring repair

June IMG_20220626_165345_6
failed copper braid spring extension
June IMG_20220628_093620_8
HDPE pulley wheel transfers vector of motion
June IMG_20220628_095453_7
23 cm extension transfers spring force around wheel
June IMG_20220628_095501_7
spring tension keeps the oven door closed tightly
June oven-door-G
Oven door spring repair (video)
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People: Aaron, Bunny, Judy, Philip, Wolfgang
Dates: 2022:06:01 - 2022:06:28