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April DSC_7163
April DSC_7742
nasturtium salad

Community garden

April DSC_7165
April DSC_7166
April DSC_7168
April DSC_7169
April DSC_7170
April DSC_7175
April DSC_7176
April DSC_7177
April DSC_7179

at Home

April DSC_7181
April DSC_7182
April DSC_7184
April DSC_7185
April DSC_7186
April DSC_7187
April DSC_7188
April DSC_7189
April DSC_7190
April DSC_7191
April DSC_7192

Alex's water tanks

April DSC_7193
April DSC_7195
April DSC_7196
April DSC_7198
April DSC_7199
April DSC_7200
April DSC_7202
April DSC_7208
April DSC_7210
April DSC_7212
April DSC_7216
April IMAG0045
dangerous stuff

Repair projects

April DSC_7896
Algis's Asus board
April IMAG0050
failing garage door

new Taipei side walks

April IMAG0057
the 849 from Wulai approaches
April IMAG0064
April IMAG0066
April IMAG0067

morning dog walk below the house along the Lanxi stream 蘭溪

April IMAG0070
April IMAG0072

The canopy has started to fill out in the Garden City community garden

April DSC_7281
the bajiaos grew back
April DSC_7282
more beds with ginger and tumeric
April DSC_7283
Patricia doing something different with the spirals
April DSC_7284
open spots for annuals and different plants in sunnier spots
April DSC_7285
volunteer pumpkin plants as a living mulch
April DSC_7286
Lettuces departing, sweet potato, chives and shiso coming in
April DSC_7287
Prepping the beds for tumeric and ginger
April DSC_7288
Everything is growing now, including the snails.
April DSC_7289
April DSC_7291
Mulching as the rains get more intense
April DSC_7292
Our food forest

Red giant flying squirrel 棕鼯鼠 (zōng wú shǔ) Petaurista petaurista

April DSC_7925
squirrel nipples
April DSC_7926
may have been run over or flew into a power pole
April DSC_7931
almost 90 cm head to tail

We discover a recently dead female Red giant flying squirrel 棕鼯鼠 (zōng wú shǔ) Petaurista petaurista on the road near our house. A zoologist friend points out that this individual is a female from the nipples. It may have been run over or flew into a power pole.

Taiwan scimitar babbler 台灣小彎嘴 (táiwān xiǎo wān zuǐ) Pomatorhinus musicus

April DSC_7939
Taiwan scimitar babbler 台灣小彎嘴
April DSC_7940
Taiwan scimitar babbler 台灣小彎嘴
April DSC_7941_848x480
Taiwan scimitar babbler 台灣小彎嘴


April IMAG0106
dangerous stuff on the road
April IMAG0107
Garden City services
April IMAG0108

Explore of highway 118 (羅馬公路) out of Zhubei 竹北 and back to Taipei with Alan

April IMAG0109
Wanhua Train Station 萬華火車站
April IMAG0114
Alan on highway 118 羅馬公路
April IMAG0116
Atayal elementary school
April IMAG0119
Shihmen Reservoir 石門水庫
April 13055244_10209328785238310_5830935652389961396_o
above Shihmen Reservoir 石門水庫
April 13051730_10209328784838300_6816162061413960301_n
at the coffee shop
April IMAG0121
Fuxing 復興 below on the north-cross island highway
April IMAG0124
Alan at a coffee shop
April IMAG0125
north cross island highway 北横公路 below
April 13062406_10209328783798274_3222119778454017656_n
back to the BeiHeng 北横公路
April 13015372_10209328783638270_1423788502220162056_n
back to the BeiHeng 北横公路
April 118
113 km ride on Highway 118


April IMAG0126
basil planted
April DSC_7293
backpack requires repair
April DSC_7295
new life from old
April DSC_7298
local gastropods

Bike ride to Taipingshan 太平山

April IMAG0128
DaTong 大同 map
April IMAG0129
Starting point
April IMAG0130
Jack dismayed at broke seat post
April IMAG0131
April IMAG0132
April image1
April IMAG0138
at the Taipingshan 太平山 lodge
April IMAG0139
Road to Cuifeng 翠峰湖
April IMAG0140
Road to Cuifeng lake 翠峰湖
April IMAG0142
cold return descent
April IMAG0143
view obscured
April IMAG0145
big tree at Bailing 白岭巨木
April IMAG0146
alluvial agriculture in the Lanyang River 蘭陽溪
April IMAG0147
Lanyang River 蘭陽溪
April IMAG0152
Lanyang River 蘭陽溪
April IMAG0156
alluvial agriculture in the Lanyang River 蘭陽溪
April Taipingshan
107 km ride to Taipingshan 太平山

It is around 15C at the top and very cloudy. We decide to cut-off the extended ride to Cuifeng lake 翠峰湖 and ride back to the train station in Luodong 羅東 in increasing rain.

Dry box repair

April DSC_7945
failed AD-66 dry box unit
April DSC_7951
afro resistor
Keywords: animal, bike, bird, garden, mammal, map, project, road, sign, tree, video, water
People: Alan, Bruce, Jack, Liran, Peter, Philip
Locations: Dadaocheng, 大稻埕, Fushan, 福山, Fuxing, 復興, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Pristine, 精粹, Wuling Farms, 武陵農場, Yilan, 宜蘭
Dates: 2016:04:03 - 2016:05:01