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December IMAG1345
coffee first

Home garden

December IMAG1346
December IMAG1347
home garden after rain
December IMAG1349
arugula, coriander between snow peas
December IMAG1351
December IMAG1352
December IMAG1353
December IMAG1354
December IMAG1355

Dog Walk to the Local Stream - Lanxi 蘭溪

December IMAG1357
wild, edible taro
December IMAG1359
path through the perennial grasses
December IMAG1360
once blocking fence is down
December IMAG1361
the road over the Lanxi stream 蘭溪 ends after the bridge
December IMAG1363
originally a road, now a walking path
December IMAG1364
December IMAG1365
Weiwei looking up from the abandoned picnic area
December IMAG1367
Kanee coming down the path
December IMAG1368
wide path on the near side of the stream
December IMAG1370
wet ground covered with moss and damp loving plants
December IMAG1372
Typical plant community on the ground in open areas
December IMAG1374
Abandoned building next to the stream
December IMAG1375
December IMAG1376
December IMAG1377
December IMAG1378
December IMAG1379
December IMAG1380
December IMAG1381
The abandoned building looking back toward the entrance into the area
December IMAG1382
Bats live in the dark room against the hill
December IMAG1383
signs of barbecue
December IMAG1384
dam abandoned
December IMAG1385
December IMAG1386
going back home
December IMAG1387
through the grass tunnel
December IMAG1388
December IMAG1389
December IMAG1391
taro, edible and not
December IMAG1392

We live very near a stream, which also runs through an abandoned community project where we walk our dogs almost every day.

December IMAG1393
雞屎藤 running across the steps

Wufeng 五峰

December IMAG1394
December IMAG1395
December IMAG1396
December IMAG1397
December IMAG1398
December IMAG1399
December IMAG1401
December IMAG1402
December IMAG1403
December IMAG1404
December IMAG1405
December IMAG1406
December IMAG1407
December IMAG1408
December IMAG1409
December IMAG1410
December IMAG1411
December IMAG1412
December IMAG1413
December IMAG1414
December IMAG1415
December IMAG1416
December IMAG1417
December IMAG1418
December IMAG1419
December IMAG1421
December IMAG1422
December IMAG1423
December IMAG1425
December IMAG1428
December IMAG1429
December IMAG1430

Wagi had invited me to help with a local crops and garden plan in her community in Qingquan. After spending the night at the Catholic hostel, I met up with Wagi to survey a potential site at the local elementary school. Eventually, we learned that their was opposition and Wagi decided to cancel the project their at the site. I had some interesting conversation with her and her husband on indigenous land rights and cultural preservation.

Mucha Laoquan St. 木柵老泉街 bike loop

December IMAG1438
Electronics room flooded
December IMAG1441
Soil test at Tunghai PDC
December 20171217_111758
pups visit their birthplace
December 20171217_111814
pups visit their birthplace
December 20171220_090325
Mucha Laoquan St. 木柵老泉街
December 20171220_090833
Mucha Laoquan St. 木柵老泉街
December 20171220_093533
view from Mucha Laoquan St. 木柵老泉街
December lao_quan_jie
老泉街 explore
December 7047630231_strava_1513746835413_854x480
老泉街 explore


December IMAG1442
December IMAG1447
December IMAG1448
December IMAG1449
December IMAG1450

Yonghe 永和

December IMAG1451
December IMAG1453
December IMAG1455
December IMAG1456
December IMAG1457
December IMAG1458
December IMAG1459
December IMAG1461
December IMAG1462
December IMAG1463
December IMAG1464
December IMAG1465
December IMAG1468

Bike ride to meet Bruce and Peter for breakfast in Pingxi 平溪

December 20171222_070610
the beautiful 47-1
December 20171222_072721
Pengshan 彭山
December 20171222_074137
crossing the highway
December 20171222_093036
Pingxi 平溪
December 20171222_093104
Pingxi 平溪
December 20171222_093107
Pingxi 平溪
December 20171222_101253
December 20171222_102106
Fanzikeng 番子坑
December 20171222_102816
December 20171222_114057
Qingtan 青潭
December 20171222_120046
back to Garden City
December Breakfast_meeting
84k Pingxi 坪溪 loop for breakfast meeting
December 1976262231_strava_1513922225449_854x480
84k Pingxi 坪溪 loop for breakfast meeting


December IMAG1473
December IMAG1476
December 20171225_152647
December 20171228_190508
Bronx bike messenger at Pristine
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